Saturday 7 November 2009

SK Hostivar; Prague, Czech Republic

SK Hostivar are in the third division level of the Prague leagues, which is on the seventh rung of the Czech pyramid.
This was a very basic ground, with the benches in the local hockey ground next to it actually being of more interest.

This is the entrance to the bar, which is along the side, and the buildings run down the length of the pitch.

It's railed off all the way down, this is from the far corner, where some new buildings are currently being constructed.

Going back a little, this is the way into the changing rooms, from the pitch.

Back at the far end, where we came in, there's a bit of grass banking, for raised viewing, and it's railed off.

Down the far side it's completely open, with just the dugouts.

Here we are, back at the other end. Railed off with the hockey club to our immediate left.

This is the sign for HC Hostivar.

And here is their bleacher style seating, which backs onto the football pitch.

From here we look over to the hockey dugouts and scoreboard.

The same structure, but from the other side.

Back in the football ground, the other side of goal.

With a scoreboard in the corner.

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