Thursday 5 November 2009

SK Viktoria Sterboholy; Prague, Czech Republic

Viktoria Sterboholy play in one of the third divisions of the Prague area league; which is the seventh level of the Czech pyramid.

It's avery basic set up, consisting of two pitches, one grass & the other an all-weather surface.

Just outside the entrance is the club bar.

This is the grass pitch, the buildings have this overhang, with a couple of benches underneath. The closest we get to a stand!

All down this side is the smart small brick hard standing, behing the railing, with benches spread out along this side.

Here we are at the corner. There is nothing behind either goal.

The dugouts are down the other side.

Narrow hard standing, behind a rail. you can see the fenced in all-weather pitch behind, up above.

Here we look down the grass pitch, dugout side.

A similar shot, but a bit higher up.

In this corner these steps lead up to the second pitch.

It is only railed off, and has some hard standing, down the dugout side.

Here is a look directly down this side.

And finally across this pitch, nothing at all on the other sides.

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