Tuesday 3 November 2009

Rapid Malesice; Prague, CzechRepublic

Rapid Malesice compete in one of the third divisions of the regional Prague leagues, which is the seventh level of the Czech pyramid.

I liked this ground, even though I didn't bother walking round it. It had a cracking grass bank, which I could happily laze about on, watching a game on a future visit, if it were ever warm enough!

This is the ticket booth, from the street.

The ground itself is down these steps.

At the bottom of them are the club buildings, on our left.

Past that is a childrens' play area, with an outdoor sports court behind, as you can see.

Now we are at the pitch. It's a basic railed off one, here you can see the grass bank I mentioned, down one side.

It is partially railed off behind this near goal, and down both touchlines. You can see the far side, with the dugouts, where I never ventured.

Here we are up on the middle of the grass bank, behind the trees is a dirt track, which is the car park, of sorts.

From up here we look over to the dugouts.

Moving to the far end the far goal is not even railed off.

Retracing our steps along the banking, we see the sport court, and how much, or little, of behind the goal is railed off.

Here we look across this goal from the side.

My favourite view of the grass banking, before it's time to go.

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