Monday 2 November 2009

TJ Junior Praha; Prague, Czech Republic

TJ Junior Praha play in the one of the second divisions of the Prague area leagues, which is level six in the Czech pyramid.

Out of all the grounds I visited in Prague on my recent trip there this was the only one I was unable to gain access to. but fortunately the ground was surrounded by a vertical metal bar fence, through which I could take some photos.

It is a single all-weather pitch, which looks quite new in construction.

This is the locked entrance to the ground, from a footpath, up from the road.

This hard standing runs down one side of the ground.

From the side I got this view behind the goal, these are the buildings where the entrance is. Presumably changing rooms and bar area.

Down the other touchline is hard standing, by the railed off pitch, which you can see past this warm up track.

From the side, through the fence of course, we look back at the club buildings.

Here we see the hard standing around the pitch at the far end.

And from another angle we look back down the 'running track' touchline.

Another look behind the goal, from this end.

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