Friday 6 November 2009

SK Dolni Mecholupy; Prague,Czech Republic

Dolni Mecholupy are in one of the second divisions of the Prague area league; which is the sixth level of the Czech footballing pyramid.

This was a ground that reeked of decay, but intertwined with a 'tdiy pride' about the place, if that's not a contradiction!

It was signposted from the main road.

This is the start of the club buildings behind the goal.

Here is the full view of the changing room and bar buildings.

You can see a scoreboard up on the building, above the changing rooms.

From behind the goal we look down the railed off far side, where the dugouts are.

Just railed off, no hard standing here.

From this side we look back to the buildings.

Here we are at the dugouts, on the halfway line.

Past the second dugout it is railed off once more.

As it is behind the far goal.

Though it is a bit more overgrown.

From behind the goal we see a small stand along the side.

There are also a few benches behind the railings.

But when we reach the goodness! How run down is that?

But the graffiti is club orientated at least!

This is the view from inside it towards the main end.

Down the rest of this side it is railed off, with a few more benches.

From the corner where we came into the ground, it doesn't look so bad from a distance!

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