Tuesday 29 December 2009

FC Moreda Uccle; Brussels, Belgium

You certainly won't get a more basic venue than this all-weather one in Brussels! To be honest the only reason I'm taking pictures of it is because I am snapping the ground next door!

FC Moreda Uccle, I think play in the lowest level of the Belgian pyramid, the fourth division of the area leagues, which is on the eighth rung of the Belgian pyramid. It's certainly not a venue I'd choose to watch football at, unless nothing else was on! As is said...it is very basic.

In the car park is this hut, which is their changing rooms and small bar area.

Looking across to their pitch you can see it is an all-weather one.

Just dug outs, and some hard standing with a rail behind.

It is only railed of down one side, which you can see here. Don't be fooled by that goal..

We are not behind the goals, it is a training one, along the side touchline. The brick buildings you can see to our left ar from another complex, not the FC Moreda Uccle one. And that is this visit over...short & sweet!

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