Wednesday 30 December 2009

FSC Libus; Prague, Czech Republic

FSC Libus play at the fifth level of the Czech Republic, in the top division of the Prague leagues. It actually proved to be one of the more difficult grounds to gain entry to, as although I don't break into them, I do usually go through holes in fences, or over walls, so I can take pictures! I eventually found a ap right round the back behind the secondary all weather pitch, and involved 'battling' through a fair bit of undergrowth! The things I do for my hobby! ;-)

This is the all-weather pitch, which is behind one goal of the main pitch, and set at a slightly higher level.

I get into the main ground at this corner. The small stand, and club buildings, are up ahead. But we're going to walk round in the oter direction, going anti-clockwise.

So off we go! There's no standing behind this goal, and up on the right, you can see the all weather surface.

From behind the goal we look over to the stand, and associated buildings.

From here we look down the other side, look past the training goals and you will see a raised 'open terrace', if you can call it that, as you will soon see...

It's railed off down the side, but no hard standing, just a mix of grass & overgrowth. Quite a few advertising hoardings as well.

This is the view 'on the other side of the fence'.

And here we reach the 'terrace'? Or is it an 'open stand'?

From up here we look back behind the goal where we've walked behind. You can see here, clearly, that the all-weather pitch is higher up.

From up on the 'stand' at the halfway line we look over the pitch.

Here is a full on shot of it!

I'm nervously standing on it as I look on to the rest of this side. Believe me it does appear to be as unsafe as it sounds.

In front of it is a hoarding with the club name.

Moving on, we head to the next corner.

At the corner there's no corner flag for one of my 'corner flag' shots, but I still take one!

There is very little space behind the goal, I am guessing there was more before the separate yard immediately behind it was laid out.

Immediately behind the goal now we look over to the main side.

Now we're over at the other corner, and look back over to the open side.

And now we're on the last side, concrete standing at last!

Along the touchline are a row of benches.

This is the clubhouse area.

The changiing rooms are in the middle, behind the dugouts.

This is the 'players tunnel'.

Under the overhang, which you haven't been able to see clearly yet, are a couple of rows of benches, so this constitutes the 'main stand'.

There are more tables and chairs either side of the 'tunnel'.

This is one of the dugouts.

Beyond the stand is more benches to the corner, where we started.

We glance back down the side we've just walked along.

And across the pitch, from the corner.

Finally back behind the goal where we started. Time to battle through the bushes to get to the next ground! ;-)


enC said...
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enC said...

Hey man not bad :) . i play for libus myself for the year 93. and we play the 3rd league in czech republic.

Iain said...

I went there for the first time yesterday, for a Prague Cup game (Libuš lost on penalties to the underdogs, SK Střešovice 1911). Cracking little ground, and very nice sitting on the benches or the grassy bank on the opposite side in the sunny weather. Nice sausages as well. :)