Thursday 1 April 2010

Neilston Juniors; Scotland

Neilston Juniors currently play in the SJFA Stagecoach Superleague Premier League. I had a look at their ground in March 2010, after a spate of bad weather north of the border. While the snow had gone in Glasgow itself, I was surprised by how much there was still in this village just outside the city. So a lot of the ground is difficult to see as it is still under a blanket of the white stuff!

On approaching the ground the main gates were locked, not surprising, as it was a Sunday morning. I walked to the end of the road, & tried to peer through fencing, to see if their was a way I could gain access. Two pensioners, walking a dog, called over to me. The man asked what what I was doing & I explained that I was just trying to have a peek at the ground. He told me he was a keyholder, & that he could let me in! And it wasn't just me...turns out I was the third Englishman he'd let in on a non-matchday, while passing, over the last few years!

As it happened, by the time we'd walked the few yards back to the gate someone else had parked outside & opened them! But I thanked him nonetheless. He tried to chat to me about the club, but to be honest I found his accent a bit hard to decipher, so couldn't follow all he was saying! I hope he didn't notice...

This was the sight that met me as I arrived at the station!

Here are the main gates to the ground.

I'm assuming this hoarding by the gates are advertising the club sponsors.

The name of the ground was on this sign.

Just inside is this entrance block.

Open hard standing behind the goal to our right, the main road beyond the brick wall.

From this corner we look across the pitch, at least I think there's a pitch under there! You can see the covered enclosure on the far side.

Open along this side, which is the way we're going to gingerly walk around the ground. I'm not sure if this is just banking, or if the snow is covering a couple of shallow steps.

Further along we come to the dugout, with the other on the opposite side, in front of the cover, as is that Scottish 'peculiarity'.

Almost at the club buildings, we look back at the section of ground we've 'struggled' through so far!

There are some concrete steps of terrace in front of the changing rooms & pavilion, with the 'tunnel' to the pitch for the players railed off.

It's also fenced off at the other 'end' of this small terrace.

Moving onwards, it's very open to the elements, just railed off, to the touchline, and along behind the goal.

From on the pitch we face the terraced area in front of the club building.

As we reach the corner there is a slight thaw, so there IS probably some steps running down the touchline, as we see a glimpse of one here.

Behind the goal it's flat, so I'm guessing either more hard standing, or even just grass?

From this end we look over to the covered area, where we are on our way to.

Down this side it's sloped/terraced, with the cover further along, toward the middle.

Before we get there it's another 'corner flag' shot, without the corner flag in situ!

We've now got to the covered terrace, with the dugout in front.

It's a decent stretch of terrace.

A nice personal touch, presumably a loyal club man in the past?

Another look down the covered terrace, from the other end of it.

Behind the dugout we see over the pitch.

And just past it we see behind the roadside goal again.

From under the cover we see there is also some terracing under the snow..I think!

Yes, this close up confirms it.

Behind the goal at last, flat hard standing all the way along.

Blocked by the goal!

Back on the pitch, to look at the covered terrace.

And the dugouts, with changing area behind.

Another last glance at the covered spectator area, why..I have no idea, it's just another snap I took, so waht's one more eh? ;-)

Walking off across the pitch, I take the opportunity to snap the other dugout.

Before it's time to leave through the gates, and head back to the station, to find a train to another ground to document for you!

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bill johnston said...

I played for Neilston from 1970 to 1974 before moving to Canada . Played for Barry Town in Wales before moving back to Scotland. Great memories of our local derby games against Arthurlie This is a great website - well done !