Tuesday 25 May 2010

Petershill; Glasgow, Scotland

Petershill are a Scottish Junior club from Glasgow, who play in the Stagecoach West of Scotland Super League Premier Division. It is a very modern ground, with an all-weather surface, & initially, having seen a number of run-down, but grounds with 'character' I didn't like it. But it grew on me, & it's not a bad venue at all. It's atop a hill, so I can imagine it would be bitingly cold here, with a wind blowing across in the winter months!

It's set in a public park.

This is the outer wall of the main club building, which includes the Petershill Park Leisure Centre.

There is a separate entrance for the players.

As you can see from this sign.

This is the main entrance, there is a bar area inside.

Just through the doors are some wall displays portraying the past glories of the club.

Back past the corner of the building we enter the ground through this open gate. Note the closed turnstiles, with the 'Spectators' lettering above, to the left.

Here they are on the other side.

To our left is the impressive main stand.

To our right is a pathway, in front of some buildings, not connected to the actual football, I think, with netting obscuring the playing surface.

Here is the same end, pitchside, so no viewing from this end, making it-effectively-a three sided ground.

We are going to head toward the main stand, going round the ground clockwise.

On the wall is a hoarding from the main sponsors.

Here we look along the seats, from the back of them. We see the open, railed far end for the first time.

Turning back we look toward the 'empty' end.

Now facing the way we are going once more, we look over to the entire far end, and also see the open hard standing clearly in front of the seats.

Modern day funding for a modern stadium.

At the end of the stand is this door, presumably leading into the changing rooms.

I guess this, due to this gate in the pitch surround, which acts as the 'tunnel'.

Now we look back along the seating from the other end. Note the park bench. Unfortunately I didn't pay any attention to it on my visit, so can't tell you what the small plaque on it says.

Now behind the open goal, rather than tarmac there is a sort of shale type area.

A corner angle, looking across the pitch, toward the open far side, & the dugouts.

From just behind the goal we see the main stand once more.

On the perimeter netting the club emblem is nicely woven in.

At our next flagless 'corner flag' shot. Across the pitch, toward the seats again.

Along the third side now, with a few steps of terracing, givng a raised vantage point.

Note the plethora of goals along here. A good example of how these all weather pitches can be utilised 27/7, if need be.

This time we see the seats, while standing on the terracing.

This is one of the dugouts.

And here we look back down the terraced side.

Now almost behind the goal, no spectators allowed to stand at this end.

From here we can see the far corner, where we came into the ground.

As you can clearly see, there is nothing to be seen at this end.

Even if you press up to the netting itself.


Anonymous said...

You should have seen the original Petershill Park, it was breathtakingly massive. Record attendance of over 19,000.

Anonymous said...

The old ground was, indeed, huge. It was immediately east of the new one. Part of it is now occupied by a second artificial pitch, but there are a few rubble remnants of the old ground on what is now scrubland beyond. Southloch Street still has the old boundary wall with an entrance gate. I think it was the old players & officials entrance ans still has the club crest on top. At least, these thing were still there a few years ago. I hope they still are.