Friday 4 June 2010

Irvine Meadow XI; Scotland

Irvine Meadow XI are a Scottish Junior club, who play in Stagecoach West of Scotland Superleague Premier Division. This was another ground on my recent May 2010 trip to the Glasgow area that I could not gain access to, on a non match day. But I managed a few snaps through gaps in fencing. The most impressive of which are of the main stand. There is terracing here too, but I was unable to get any good shots of it.

Who knows, maybe one day I will get here to watch a match?

This is the main entrance, down a cul-de-sac. You can see the roof of the main stand to the left.

There is also a gate at the other end of the ground. I managed a couple of shots through it first, as this was where I first saw the place from. Here we look over to the main stand, there appears to be banking opposite it.

The main stand looks very impressive.

Here we zoom in on the front of the stand, with the dugout & unusual club name above the tunnel.

This is another look down 'the wrong side' of the slope. You can see the high brick perimeter wall to the left, which explains why I couldn't get inside!

Round the other side now, we look across the pitch from the main entrance gates.

Same poor angle, slightly looking to the right.

Time to zoom in as much as we can, and try to see the terrracing down the side.

Looking left, with a closer 'zoom' on the main stand.

This was the maximum, times ten, for our last picture.


Bas said...

I visited Meadow Park for the first time last night. I uploaded a few pictures as well.

Rabbler said...

Blimey! That was a quick response! I've only just posted!
Looked at your blog, that will take up a few hours when I get time to read the lot! You'll be pleased to know (or not!) that I've got a number of other Scottish grounds to publish, including the five junior grounds I saw games at.