Saturday 2 October 2010

Eagles Praha; Prague, Czech Republic

Eagles Praha baseball club is,erm, a baseball pitch away from Sparta Krc, one of the local football teams. You can see the baseball stands from the terracing there.
I took these pictures in October 2009.
I know nothing about baseball, and diddn't even realise there was an organised league here, until I found this ground. I know nothing about the standard of the Czech domestic game.

This appears to be a previous name of the club.

There is a main baseball diamond, ans some outer ones. We are concentrating on the 'main' one, which is, I presume, the one used by their main team.

I don't know how this sign translates, but I am guessing the facilities are heavily/part funded by the local council.

This is the main stand.

To the side of, down by the diamond, are the long baseball dugouts.

This is the view of one of them, from in front of the stand.

The stand curves round, & has wooden benches. The Americans call them 'bleachers', I believe.

Here is a shot of the diamond from above it, taken in the car park.

Here we see the layout of the diamond.

This is one of the adjacent diamonds, which also had bleachers down the end, but open. I didn't 'explore' the whole venue, as I was on my way to snap another football ground before it got dark, & this was a 'bonus' venue for you.

Back in the covered benches, at the main diamond.

I quite liked the place, as a different type of sports venue, to what I'm used to, but this got my back up, as I'm not a fan of the footballing Eagles, from Selhurst Park! ;-)

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