Saturday 20 November 2010

FK Mlada Boleslav; Czech Republic

The 'main event' for me on Saturday 23rd October. A top flight match between FK Mlada Boleslav & unbeaten top of the table Viktoria Plzen. Boleslav ended up winning by the odd goal in seven! I've been to the Czech Republic ten times now, & this was simply the best game I've ever seen over there. It certainly made up for a previous trip to Mlada Boleslav, against Slavia Prague, a couple of years ago, when I couldn't get in, as unbeknown to me, it was sold out!

A billboard outside the ground, advertising the match.

Signs pointing the way to the town, & the ground.

The street sign where the ground is.

The local ice hockey team also had their fixtures displayed nearby.

This is the main entrance to the ground, for spectators.

The games are displayed here, our match moving to the 23rd, for television.

The usual 'naughty' sign, found at top flight grounds.

The main ground is a small modern one, number 1 in the top right. Number three appears to be the remains of an old stadium, which I think may have been their previous home, though I am not sure of that. Number 2, bottom right, is an athletics ground, with the same style roof in the small stand as the current football stadium. I presume they were built at the same time.

Here we look over the atheltic ground, photo taken from outside, with the football ground beyond.

Hard standing around the track.

With a small main stand in the corner, I am guessing that this is where the main finishing line is.

Here is a close up of the main stand, with club name on the roof.

Here is a view over the track later in the day, from the other side ofit, inside the complex, at dusk, just before kick off in the football.

Visitors' team coach parked up.

Coming through the main turnstiles you are a bit of a way from the stadium. Directly in front is, what I presume, is the 'remains' of the old ground. Here we look along some of the old terracing. We are going to head quickly round it, in the other direction, clockwise, as it is getting almost too dark for pictures.

Floodlights behind it from the main stadium.

To our left, along this side, is an all weather pitch.

As we look over the pitch we can see some seats on the far side.

Here we see some seats on top of the old terracing.

Judging from the depth of the old concrete steps they are bolted onto, I would say there was once a stand on this side, in front of the old main building.

This group of lads asked what I was doing, one of them spoke basic English, so we sort of chatted, & they asked me take their photo. Happy to oblige.

And that completes our circuit of that pitch. Now on to the one staging the game! Through this arch....Mlada Boleslav being the home of Skoda. The last time I was here I visited their museum.

Moving toward the stadium.

An old car on show.

This one apparently.

Programmes on sale.

A beer stand.

And a souvenir stall. I bought one of their away shirts.

Now inside the ground, this is taken from approximately where my seat was. We are looking to the stand behind the goal, the executive areas are in this stand.

Along the other side is another covered stand, similar to the one we are in. The barrelled blue roof is the same over all of the three stands.

I say three because looking down the side we are in you can see there is norhing down the far end, just advertising boards.

The mascot wandering around pre-match.

This match is live on television, which was great for me, with a 6.20pm kick off, making this my third football match of the day.

To my left, in the corner, is the changing rooms, as this is the corner the players enter the pitch. I was trying for a reflective 'arty farty' shot in the glass.

A close up of the 'nothing' end.

In the far corner is the away section. No idea what the banners are about..would love someone to translate & tell me...

This is the middle section of the stand opposite my one.

The players enter the pitch.

The usual 'sporting' shaking of hands.

Lots of young mascots and banners for the cameras.

A ceremonial kick off, prior to the proper one. I have no idea why, or what the occasion was. The man 'doing the honours' got a rousing round of applause, possibly a former player?

This was the genuine one.

The Plzen fans make their presence known!

A decent electronic scoreboard, with changing images.

A little bit of action.

The back of the lino's top has the League sponsors on it.

Interviews with players as they come off the pitch at half time.

Time for me to try to go 'walkabouts' round the ground. Here we look down my stand.

And across the pitch, at the corner flag.

We go around the stand behind the goal.

And walk up the steps, unchallenged. Here we look at my side, on the left.

Then along the one we are curently in.

From the back row we look down, over the pitch.

And to my side once more.

The men on the telly directly below me.

This section in the middle is the VIP area. I don't attempt to enter it, not with that bouncer standing there!

This is the nearest I could get to a 'behind the goal' shot.

I've now moved round the back, & gone back in the stand from the other side, & here we look back along the area behind the goal.

In front of us is the third stand.

Another 'corner flag' snap.

Now along the other side, we look back at the main stand, behind the goal.

Then over to my stand.

In the centre of this stand are some posh seats in front of an executive box area.

And so to the corner, where the away fans are penned in.

Turning round we look back down this stand, and to the other end.

And across the pitch, once more.

To our right is the empty end.

With the 'hardcore' home fans opposite their visiting counterparts. There were more of them, of ocurse, don't forget I took this during half time.

Time to head back to my seat on the other side, as the players start to come back out for the second half.

A bit of English, from sponsors, on the scoreboard.

The hilariously named club shop is also plugged.

And here it is!

Another look over the pitch, with the moon & a Skoda emblem in between the floodlights.

It's a penalty!


A little bit of goalmouth action.

And another goal!

This man was sat in front of me. He was even more annoying that his trousers. Constantly offering a 'running commentary' & gesticulating. Luckily I didn't understand him ,but I think he was talking 'clubshop'! ;-)

Game over & the crowd stand to applaud their heroes off the pitch.

There's the final score, Plzen players going over to applaud their fans.

As the home team celebrate in front of theirs.

Post match interviews now.

'High fives' as Mlada Boleslav leave the pitch.

Moonlight over the back of the stand, as I head back to Prague.

Now what way is the train station?


jay said...

Good stuff as always.

The Plzen banner was for someone who died recently. The big black banner says "don't forget me"

Rabbler said...

Many thanks for the translation, Jay.
thanks for looking in.