Thursday 30 December 2010

E.R. Belgrade; Namur, Belgium

E.R. Belgrade are a team from the town of Namur, & play in the regional 4th level of the Namur region; which I think is the seventh rung of the Belgian pyramid. I visited this ground as part of a 'flying visit' as my friend Nicolas Lucas drove me to local grounds around his home town of Namur.

Behind the goal was the clubhouse & changing rooms.

Built with local municipal funding, I guess. L'Etoile Rouge stands for 'Red Star', so they have the same title as their more famous namesakes from Serbia.

The pitch is railed off down the 'main' side, with hard standing & concrete blocks forming seating, of sorts.

Here we look down this main spectator side. There was a young youth team match in progress.

Dugouts were further along.

Further along we look back down this side.

It's also railed off behind the far goal, just grass, no hard standing.

On our way out now, back toward the exit, by the clubhouse.

Another look at the 'benches'.

From the side we look over the pitch.

High fencing, to stop match balls going flying, at the clubhouse end. Only a few snaps for this ground, it was just a short stop.

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