Thursday 16 December 2010

Hanworth Villa

I took the opportunity to visit Hanworth Villa, from the Combined Counties League Premier Divison at the start of the current 2010/11 season, when they hosted Egham Town on the August Bank Holiday morning,winning 3-1, after an 11.30am kick off.

The ground was fairly baisc, as you would expect for a team that are only in their second season at this level, but the welcome was very friendly, especially from their physio Geoff Dadswell, who has an old ice hockey background too, so we had lots to talk about in the brief time we chatted, with me being a Streatham Redskins supporter.

The ground is set behind a local public park, & is down the end of this drive.

The ground & park name are the same-Rectory Meadow.

At the end of the drive you come to the ground. That is the club building, which comprises of both clubhouse & changing rooms.

This is the hut where you pay your money.

Teams helpfully chalked up on the other side of it.

To the right, if facing the pitch, or straight ahead really if walking in at the hut, is the 'tunnel' & the club house entrance just beyond it.

Inside the walls are festooned with old club photos.

This tilework mosaic is behind the bar.

Back outside the 'tunnel' leads to the pitch.

The teams are led onto the pitch by the match officials.

To the left of the 'tunnel' we see the backs of the seating & the covered area further along.

Here we see the seats through the mesh at the side.

This is another clearer shot, in front of it.

This is the full length of it, taken from the pitch at half time.

Sitting in the stand we see over the pitch, as you see the other side, indeed the rest of the ground, is completely open.

Nominally this is the directors box.

Past the stand now, we glance back along it.

There is some rough hard standing along the pitch rail to the corner, with a small bit of covered terrace here as well.

Here is a slightly closer look at the same covered terrace.

There was another photo below, which I have taken down from this set on Thursday 20th March 2014. This followed a request from the groundhopper who I named and described in it to take it down, as I did not have his permission to take it, & he said he could be traced via a Google search, using his name. He also objected to my factual description of him. I declined to do so, as you do NOT need permission from anyone to take their photograph in a public place, or a public setting. And the description was not abusive in any way, simply factual.

However, he then put pressure on me to take it down by threatening to go to the police if I did not do so, which I am sure he would not have done I had removed it and the caption when first requested.

As a result of this he complained to the police accusing me of harrassment. On Monday 17th March 2014 I voluntarily reported to Bromley police station to be interviewed, with myself so confident of having done nothing wrong that I did not request legal representation.

I was interviewed for around an hour, and after providing my side, strenuously denying any harrassment of the individual I agreed with the police officer concerned that I would remove the caption and the photograph from this post.

The reason I agreed to take down the picture and caption was in no way was because I believed the complainant was correct, but for the simple reason that I was shocked that he could waste police time and public money by making such a complaint. I have withdrawn the details from this post because although I believe I have done nothing wrong I do not have any wish to be caught up in wasting police time.

I was issued a 'Prevention of Harrassment Letter' which states the basic details of the complaint against me, and gives a brief description of harrassment as a criminal offence under the Protection of Harrassment Act 1997. The letter concludes: This letter does not in any way constitute a criminal record and will only be referred to should further allegations of harrassment be received. Below my signature it states (that by signing the letter): This is not an admission or acceptance of the allegation)

I received an email from the investigating officer which confirms I have agreed to remove it and reminds me of my offer to remove it, part of which confirms that it not illegal in itself to post it, as noted from this part of the email: "While it is not a criminal offence to post a photograph of any individual on a public forum, when this photograph was taken overtly in full view of the general public..." which confirms it is not illegal to take photographs inside a football ground.

But as stated, I happily withdraw the photo and caption of my own accord, as I do not want any more police time wasted on this matter.

Indeed, after the interview was over the investigating police officer actually admitted to me that it was the most low-level thing that he had ever had to investigate.

I would like to thank all of those individuals who post on the Non League Matters website forum who sent me their views on the matter and the complainant himself, which I presented as evidence at my interview to show an accurate opinion of the alleged victim.

I hope the matter is now closed.


A frontal view, again taken at half time.

Stepping back a bit we see both structures.

Moving on we're on our way to the corner.

Time to glance back.

Before we reach the fenced off area behind the goal! Well digns are there to be ignored..epsecially at this level! ;-)

It's like a foopath going through a wood behind the goal. The pitch to the right is almost incidental!

Now we're in the 'forbidden zone' we look back over to the main side.

Behind the goal we look left, over to the open dugout side.

Past the net it's eyes to right once more.

Almost at the corner we look through the trees.

Now at the corner we have a corner flag shot, with the popular side as a backdrop.

Now down the open straight, simple hard standing, with the dugouts further along.

Moving on we see the open far end now, as well.

Note the wire mesh fencing to the left. There is an 'outer pitch' on the other side.

It is roped off along the side.

We are now at the dugouts, painted in club colours. A bit strange to have the 'gap' in the back.

My attempt at an 'arty' shot of the stand through the hole!

Moving on we look back at the dugout from the side.

And here they are from the front.

Inbetween the two we look straight over the halfway line.

On we go past the other one.

Almost at the far end, where we can see there is another outer pitch, behind it.

From the corner we look back down the dugout side.

Now turning behind the goal it's more open hard standing, but no woodland at this one!

Behind the net now, clubhouse in the background.

We'll soon be back to where we started...

Looking down that side we can clearly see this is where most of the crowd is.

Set way back from this corner is a solitary bench, occupied by a solitary spectator. He seems almost as 'Billy N0-Mates' as the aforementioned Mr. Ashbridge! ;-)

And so we're almost back to where we began. But what's that group just in front of the bar?

It's a special outdoor pen for drinkers who want to watch the match at the same time!

And so here we are, back at the 'players tunnel'.

To finish, a few snaps from the game.

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