Sunday 9 January 2011

SC Victoria Hamburg; Germany

SC Victoria Hamburg was the destination for the first game of my late November 2010 trip to Germany. They play in Oberliga Hamburg; which is a regional fifth level in the German pyramid.
I saw an evening game here on Friday 26th November, against Wedeler TSV, which finished 4-2 to the hosts. The game was played on a pitch covered in snow, which fell heavier as the game progressed! A 24 page glossy A4 programme was given away free, which was a 'double' issue from the previous home game on Sunday 21st.

The ground is three sided, as you will see from my pictures, but I couldn't gain access to the closed terrace opposite the wonderful old stand. The combination of a night match & the snowfall simply don't do the ground justice, thanks to my my camera. But I hope you see enough to enjoy the stadium.

These were the first turnstiles I saw, closed tonight. I took this picture after the game.

This is very much a multi-sports club, not just football.

A match poster from the game, one of which I now have on my wall at home!

Further along the main road is the turnstile that is in use tonight.

Block D was the section that was closed.

This was the entrance. I paid a couple of Euros extra for the seats, which was just as well, as they checked tickets for the stand.

The club flag flew high, just inside the ground.

Straight ahead, along the main side, is a big area of open terrace, with the stand beyond. It's certainly strange to go to a ground, especially a non-league one, to have fencing around the pitch.

To our right ,as we come in, is an open area, & then more open terracing behind the goal.

Not the best place to stand, certainly not my usual 'corner shot'!

Here is the same view, with camera stuck through the fencing.

Moving behind the goal, as we can only get to two sides of the ground, we won't be completing a full circle, as I usually do, the terracing & stand can be seen along the side, albeit a bit dark.

This is the terrace behind the goal, where a small group of home fans congregate with their fans.
Note someone else taking a picture in front of them, by the fencing.

There may not be many of them, but they like their banners & sang throughout the game.

From behind the terraced end we look over the pitch.

And to the main stand on the left.

And on the other side is a closed open terrace.

From this corner we look back along the terrace behind the goal.

At the back of it, behind the fence there appears to be a grass bank.

From the top steps we look down across the terrace.

These banners are for the away team, main stand on the left.

Looking the other way see over to the closed away terrace.

Moving back along to the other corner the club minibus is parked.

Now wer'e going to move along the main side, toward the main stand. Note the unattended table with the free programmes on them.

A few steps to the left & we're on the side terrace.

Here we look over the pitch from the back of it.

And the other direction, to where we've already been.

Now we reach the stand, in front, on the left is a food stall, & the bright yellow sign is the entrance into the clubhouse, underneath the stand. Note the man with some sort of instrument on the table in front of him...

I don't know what is stranger his 'double bugle' or his jumper!

Time to dive into the bar.

A great cup tie of theirs from the past is remembered just inside the entrance.

In the bar itself are lots of posters above the cabinets.

And this is the bar area.

Back outside, the tables not needed tonight, hardly summer weather! ;-)

In front of the stand are the dugouts.

Looking the other direction we see the home banners, on the right as we look, at the front of the terrace.

There is a wide open area of hard standing in front of the stand. The man below the steps is checking tickets, the other sets of steps being roped off. He was very efficient, & I doubt anyone sneaked in past him. Also note the door below those steps.

These lead into a club office, selling souvenirs, why I didn't take a picture of it I have no idea. There were also steps going up to another floor. I took this picture simply for the 'doping' signage!

Past the stand is this beer stall.

In front of it we look back along to the dugouts.

Moving along toward the corner is open hard standing, with no more pitch perimeter fencing.

Behind the goal there is nothing, no standing allowed here, making this a three sided ground, but no worse for it. It really is a superb old stadium.

The club name is up on the fencing behind the goal, with the snow realling coming down!

Time to head back toward the stand.

Some of the photos from up here are a little dark, but here we look over the pitch.

This is the view from the top corner.

From this end we look across the stand, you can see the old wooden beams on the roof.

In this snap you can appreciate the beauty of this old structure more.

At the back is a press area, with the matchday annoucer beyond.

Another glance down the stand.

Half time now, so it's time to move down the front.

The club badge incorporated into the railing at the top of the steps.

This is the away dugout...visitors' name written in the snow!

I move onto the pitch area, & take a snap of the stand.

I'm sure it looks much better in daylight, these photos don't do it justice.

One of the cornerflags.

I'm pitchside behind the goal, & take some snaps of the banners.

Anyone able to translate this one?

This one needs no translation, but still a bit strange!

A flag from the visitors.

Another one from them, not sure what it means.

Now we're in front of the shut away side, & I get a half decent snap of it, by putting my camera through the grilled fencing at the front of it.

A corner flag shot, with the stand as the backdrop.

Here we have a close up of the stand, the best of the ones I took this evening.

Time to settle down for the second half, here's the stand from the front row.

The last 45 minutes about to start.

From up in the stand the snow is really coming down now.

Even I feel sorry for the frozen ballboy!

The lines are barely visible now.

Game over, & the pocket of home 'ultras' get their flares out!

And they climb the fencing..

As their heroes start to come over.

The post-match celebrations start.

Personally I think it's great when fans & players have this rapport at this level.

When players show their appreciation it realy is appreciated by supporters. I love it when it happens at Dulwich Hamlet games! Game over, time to leave. I'd reccomend a visit here to any English fan, if they are at home when you visit Hamburg, on a Friday night, & St Pauli are away.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, a beautiful main stand and a enthusiastic and loud bunch of younger supporters. I am an Altona 93 supporter and a collaboration between SC Victoria and Altona 93 led to the 'cages' being erected so that Altona 93 could satisfy Regionalliga Nord ground regulations for the 2009-10 season. A very unhappy time was had by all watching trapped in those 'cages'. Altona 93's attendences dropped off dramatically because it was such an unpleasant experience.
Despite the relegation (for financial irregularities...Altona lied about how little money they had..) we were all pretty happy to be back 'home' for the next season.