Sunday 2 January 2011

Winchester City

I had the 'pleasure' of visiting Winchester City ,who play in the Sydenhams Wessex League Premier Division, for a pre-season match against Kingstonian, on Sunday 11th July 2010. I say 'pleasure' because it was a baking hot day, & an awful nil nil! But it was a genuine pleasure to go there, as it's an historic old town to stroll round; I met up with some old aquaintances in the K's support & the club shop was excellent! It was worth making a visit for the shop alone.

Here is the entrance.

Outside the match board hasn't been updated over the summer.

Despite that there's plenty of pre-season matches advertised.

A sign from the main club sponsors welcomes you to the ground.

As you walk in you are in the corner of the ground, set back from the pitch, where the main club buildings are. Here is the 'tunnel' from the changing rooms.

as we're looking, changing rooms on the left; bar on the right.

The pitch is very dry, as it's been a hot summer, as you can see. We look over it from the first corner flag.

To our right, behind the goal, it is open, with a small covered terrace directly behind the goal.

down the side, which is the clockwise direction we are heading, it is open hard standing, shale behind it; with a stand further along.

On the left, as we walk along, is a portakabin, converted to a tea bar.

As we walk along we can see the seats. Before that there's another portakabin on the left.

This is the club shop. I spent at least a quarter of an hour in there!

The seats are set back from the pitch, why, I'm not sure? Presumably the barriers are to prevent people standing in front of them.

Here w have a closer look at the stand. it's popular today, as it gives much needed protection from the sun.

Here we look back along it, from toward the middle.

And then onwards, the other direction.

This is the view from the cntre of it, not bad, apart from the pylon!

Here we look down the front of it.

And then more open standing beyond.

It goes right to the corner.

It's very open here, but also very green, thanks to the surrounding trees.

More open hard standing behind the goal.

From where we glance back to the main stand.

The hard standing 'thins' as we get behind the goal itself.

Time to pause, to catch a little goalmouth action.

The path then continues to the next corner.

Before we reach that side we look back behind the goal.

Completely open along this side, the shale further along 'doubling up' as extra car parking.

here we reach the first of the dugouts. That water is needed in the heat!

This is the dugout from the front.

Moving along, past the 'brave' part of the crowd thar can take the sun!

A bit more, from on the pitch.

Then we look over to the main stand, across the halfway line.

And then onwards, to the next dugout.

Now we look, from this side, to the cover behind the goal.

Clearly a car park at this end.

More hoardings from the sponsors.

Behind the goal it is open, with the small terrace in the centre.

From this end we turn back to the dugout side.

This is the home one.

Only a small terrace, but it still provides a bit of shade.

Sponsors emblazoned on the rear.

Wider hard standing in front of it.

Standing under the roof we look over toward the dugouts.

Then directly down the pitch.

And, lastly, eyes to the left, toward the main stand.

Then it's toward the clubhouse in the corner, where we came in.

Inside there is a club flag on the wall.

As well as championship flags.

Then back out to watch a bit more of the game.

And then it's time to go, back through the entrance.


Unknown said...

Hi :-)
I´m writing to you from Plauen in germany ... I´m visiting your blog very often as your work is really great and lovely made!!! Especially the pictures from your visits in Czech Rep. are great! If you want to get in contact with me, my mail adress is - keep on going like that!!!

All the best -

Rabbler said...

Many thanks for looking in. I'm not the most knowledgable on Germany...I have no idea where Plauen is!
I have more from my last October trip to the Czech Republic to come, & you may be interested to know that I have several grounds from Germany to come as at the end of October I tooks some snaps in Hamburg; Kiel & Hannover.

Guido said...

Football on a hot day. It's like Australia! (where I live)

Rabbler said...

Wow! i'm impressed! Looking at my little blog from the other side of the world! Thanks!