Saturday 20 August 2011

Dundee Violet; Scotland

Dundee Violet are a Scottish Junior club, & compete in the SJFA East Region North Division. I had a look at their ground in February 2011, but unfortunately couldn't gain access, so a few photos from outside will have to do. They have the delightful nickname of 'The Pansies', in case you're interested!

From outside the locked ground there are football scarves adorning the walls, with the clubhouse & changing rooms behind.

Walking round the outer walls there is this old bricked up entrance behind one of the goals.

Holding the camera over the wall in on the far side we can look back over to the clubhouse & covered side, with the open grassed end to the right also visible.

Here we zoom in on the covered enclosure, the changing rooms presumably at the back.

This is the area behind the goal, which we just saw, to the right.

Back behind the goal we look along the touchline, down the main side.

A few yards to the left we get a slightly better angle of the cover, with the grim social club facade behind the low white pitch perimeter wall.

Another close up, this time from the side, of the covered part.

Along the opposite side is a steep grass bank, with the dugouts set a fair way apart from each other.

This is the goal at the 'near end', taken while precariously snading on an upturned dustbin, leaning over a wall!

And the last photo, from this end, looking directly up the pitch.

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Anonymous said...

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