Sunday 21 August 2011

Lochee Harp; Dundee, Scotland

Lochee Harp are a Scottish Junior club based in Dundee & currently compete in the SJFA East Region North Division. I had a look at their ground in February 2011, managing to find a way in through a gap in the fence, getting covered in the wet mud a fair bit, having slipped over a few times! The things I have to do for this blog! ;-)

This is the entrance to the ground, from the car park. The club buildings are actually on the right. The big green one is not connected to the football club.

It's actually home to the local boxing club.

Here is the entrance to the football ground, which is behind one of the goals.

This is the only club building, you can see the covered enclosure built onto it at the other side.

They have the support of their MP.

Through the gate the ground is raised, to the left.

It's a strange sort of ground, as it has grass banking all the way round, but above the pitch. The pitch perimeter wall being built 'into' the mounds.

To the right is the covered bit, but we're going to head round the other way, clockwise.

This is where the players come out onto the pitch, looking to the right you can see it is also very open.

Same down the left, with one dugout on either side, like lots of Scottish non-league homes.

Up on the bank we glance toward the covered enclosure in the corner.

Moving on, around the two tiered banking.

Behind the (taken down between matches) goal.

Heading toward the first bend.

Similar shot, from the lower bit of grass.

Toward the side stretch.

Here we see all the way along it.

From the corner we get a view of the end we've just come from.

Moving along the side we can spot the roof of the dugout.

Directly behind it the other one is in the background, on the far side.

The double grass bank goes all the way to the next corner.

Now we stare toward the far end, from the back of the banking, by a tree to give it the full 'rural effect'!

At the next turn, more of the same style spectator area.

A nice view, from the top of the corner banking.

From the front, at this far end, you can see how high the fans stand above the pitch perimeter brick wall.

Walking on, behind the goal, to the next corner.

From the back of it, down the side, note the damaged brickwork here, I was surprised by this, as everything else, while looking a forlorn in the drizzle, was actually reasonably well kept.

Another snap down the pitch perimeter wall, again showing the difference in the pitch level & the fans.

One of the dugouts.

One of the few advertising boards. I only noted it because...

It's a well known city centre pub.

This one also caught my eye, for the retro design!

Almost at the end of this side now, looking toward the 'players tunnel' & the only area of cover.

A sideways look, toward where we started our circuit.

Glancing back along the last side.

And from the corner, across the pitch.

Here we are at the covered enclosure, with some shallow terracing underneath.

View from the back.

A hatch at the back, presumably for tea & bovril?

The tunnel to the changing rooms.

And back to where we started.

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