Friday 7 October 2011

Abingdon United

Abingdon United play in the The Evostik League Southern Division One South & West. I saw a game here a few years ago, when Dulwich Hamlet visited for an FA Cup tie. I took these snaps en route to an FA Youth Cup match to watch The Hamlet at AFC Wallingford in October 2010.

Smart fixtures sign outside.

I gained easy access through these gates, the matchday turnstiles are just to the right.

Through these gates.

Inside we are behind the goal, in a corner. Ahead is a small area of cover on the right.

Set behind the goal, on the left, is the changing rooms, club house, and associated buildings.. You can see the gates, on the imediate right, which forms the players 'tunnel'.

Here it is.

Behind the goal is an open hard standing path all the way along, with well kept grass behind it.

Here we are on the hard standing, note that 'strange' bit of cover behind the goal.

Behind the net we see right, to the cover & dugouts.

Immediately behind the net is this strange cover, I presume a 'smiking enclosure' for those using the bar facilities, rather than for those to watch the match from!

Past the other post, to our left, is the seating on the far isde.

Past the post it's hard standing up to the next corner, with some picnic pub garden style tables for the social drinkers.

From the corner we glance back along the clubhouse end.

A corner flag(less) shot.

Down the side is more hard standing, some sort of storage area, and even a hedge!

Past that is the seating, the modern style bland stand which is the nicest, but perfextly functional for clubs who can't afford anything fancy.

We have now reached the main stand.

At the back we look along the rows of green seats, with the far open end in the background.

In the centre is a small table for the press to rest their notepads.

The covered terrace is opposite, with the dugouts either side of it. This must have been the main stand in the past, from the look of it.

Some of the new stand is for the visiting officials.

Past the seats is more hard standing, with flat grass behind.

From this side we look over to the next end.

Turning back, the length of the stand side, back up to it.

The next corner photo.

More of the open hard standing, with plenty of grass, behind this goal.

The cover & dugouts, from behind this net.

Continuing on our circuit, past the goal.

Beyond the dugouts side is an open expanse, presumably a training area.

More open hard standing down this side, up to the covered shed.

The pather deviates from it's straight line here, & there is a training goal behind the cover.

One level of raised hard standing under the roof, I can't be sure, but if memory serves me correct had seats under it when I saw The Hamlet here.

One of the dugouts.

The new stand, opposite.

Here is the covered terrace, from the frontal side.

Past the second dugout now, almost completing our flying visit.

From this side we look to the clubhouse end.

And we are almost back at the turnstiles, in the corner where we began.

One last look behind the goal, where we came in, & it's time to go.

League sponsors signage...well it WAS current when I took this set of pictures!

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