Saturday 8 October 2011

Hamburg Crocodiles; Germany

Hamburg Crocodiles are a minor German ice hockey side, playing in the Oberliga Nord, which is the third level, I think.

I saw a Junior mens game here in November 2010, I have been here once before, on a previous trip, but also only for a Junior match.

The Farmsen rink, from outside.

First Team poster for their next match.

This appears to be the way in, as if through the main entrance, which was shut for the junior game, where we got in through a side entrance.

As if we had entered this way, we are directly above the ice, behind the goal.

We are going to turn left, going round the rink clockwise.

In this top corner there's some sort of (closed) refreshment area.

Rows of seating down the side.

Looking back to the end where we started.

Down the ice, from the back of the seats.

Moving along, a better view of the entrance end.

Above the seating is a disused balcony area, hence the poles holding it up.

Continuing alone, note the ladder ahead.

In the 'void' at the front of the seats there is this strange collection of penguins. Anyone want to guess what they are for?

At the front of the seating are the penalty boxes.

Various flags hang above the ice, from the roof.

Here we are at the steps, which lead up to the balcony.

An out of bounds area.

But I had a peek, as the Zamboni was cleaning the ice.

Gotta get a snap of the old Zamboni. It wouldn't be an hockey rink without one!

Heading to the area behind the far goal, there is terracing at this end.

Before we get there we see the shiny, wet, pristine ice.

A full length shot of the seated side.

Now we're behind the goal.

Directly down the centre of the ice.

Along the far side, opposite the seats, is more terracing.

The team benches are at the front.

Opposite the seats.

Moving alone, we're heading back to the entrance.

Now at the entrance end, but down at ice level.

Not a proper standing area down here.

There is a refreshment point, down in the public skating locker room area.

Past this in the corner, is a small Crocodiles room, selling teas & coffees, with some club memorabilia hanging up.

On the wall, by the entrance where I came in, which was in this corner of the rink, is a club noticeboard.

As well as one for a club called Hamburg Huskies, who presumably use the same venue.

To finish, a couple of photos from the game.

The final score:

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