Thursday 24 November 2011

FK Teplice II; Czech Republic

FK Teplice second team play in a separate secondary stadium immediately behind the main First Team one. I am not entirely sure if this is the right ground for the B side, but am pretty sure they must play some games here. They currently play in one of the five regional fourth divisions in Czech football-in the B division. They are currently the only reserve side in the 16 team division.

Walking behind on the main stadium stands I came to this corner of the second ground. There is no spectator access behins this goal, though you could watch a match through the fencing above.

To the right there is this open terracing down the entire length. You can see the end of the main stadium, to the right. These fans are walking along here to to another part of the main ground.

Here we have a better view of the 'dead' end. And you can see the fencing above it clearly, where you could look down onto a game.

From behind the goal we see the main stadium adjacent.

Turning the other way there is some terracing down the other side too, with a sports hall back behind that.

This is the terracing down the other side.

Dugouts at the front, from on the pitch.

And the back of them, from the terrace.

The sportshall, past the car parking area.

Directly across the halfway line.

Turning to glance along the terrace we've just walked along.

Notice how the terrace slopes down in shallow steps, toward the corner.

Now we are at the corner.

Behind the goal there is open hard standing, making this a three sided ground.

Continuing toward the goal.

Behind the net, big ground as backdrop.

Now we have a full length shot of the open terrace on the main stadium side.

Our last snap of the small venue, time to get to the main ground.

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Iain said...

Actually I think Teplice B usually play in the village of DubĂ­-Pozorka, which is outside Teplice, closer to the German border. Never been there though...