Sunday 27 November 2011

FK Teplice; Czech Republic

FK Teplice play in the top division of Czech football, in the Gambrinus Liga. I saw a game here on my birthday, 24th October 2011. Teplice is about 80km from Prague, & it was a team from there, Sparta, who were the visitors.

This was my second time here, I previously saw another Monday night game here, back in May 2005.

Approaching the stadium there was this Irish theme pub, but it appeared closed.

This was by the ice hockey stadium, which is apparently disused, which could explain why the exterior of the pub looked shut.

This is the match I was in town for.

Fans drinking outside, steps up to the ground.

Going toward the ground, having walked up those steps.

The ticket office.

Traditional tall floodlight pylons in each corner.

The map of the stadium. A 'horseshoe', with the smaller section, at the far end closed. The second ground is behind that end.

Visitors team coach parked outside.

Steps at the other end of the stadium,leading up to the away section.

Club flag fluttering outside.

One of the stands from outside, the nearest corner of it is the away section.

Away fans getting into the ground.

Customary warning sign.

Moving on round, heading back to the corner where the ticket windows were.

Inside now, below the stands, on the open concourses.

Merchandise on sale.

As well as a good selection of food.

And sausages, as you would expect.

In a corner, this just happened to be the entrance I walked up. My ticket was for anywhere on two sides, the main stand opposite was a little more pricey. The smaller far end, in the open, was shut.

This is the home end, behind the goal.

While this is the same stand, along the side to the right. They are all joined, and curve round.

The closed open end!

Big electonic scoreboard at the rear.

Back in the corner where we started was this drummer man.

While a section in the other corner at the same end was reserved for the home 'Ultras'.

Sektor 15 they call themselves.

Here are some of them.

From up above them we look along the main side, where the VIPs have their section, I couldn't get into this part of the ground to take any photos.

Same stand, from down the front.

And across the pitch to the other side, with the visitors in the far corner.

Turning round, to the area behind the goal.

At the back, behind the goal.

Zooming in, to the open end once more.

Sparta fans in their corner, though they were dotted all over the ground in the home sections.

Another shot of that side, from behind the goal.

Directly down the pitch from behind the goal next.

And turning slightly to the right from the same area.

Moving over now, during the game, we seen the main stand.

One young fan is very keen with his drum!

Presumably seats at the front are for stewards to watch the crowd, not needed tonight.

The dugouts are on the far side, in front of the main stand. You can guess correctly from the blankets that it was a little colder than I'm used to in London!

A wider shot of the dugouts and tunnel.

Back over my side a home & away fan sit side by side.

Half time, & I stroll back to the Sektor 15 area, to take this snap of the main stand.

The area behind the goal once more.

Across the pitch from Sektor 15, luckily I didn't upset that mean looking steward!

A hooligan ultras style sticker on a wall.

Back on the concourse, more food.

Including their delicious sausages.

Roast chicken!

And even popcorn. Not the cinema, but it was televised, don't forget! ;-)

Now we're at the back of the side that includes the away fans at the far end.

Turning, to look back at the home end.

The most ignored sign in the ground!

At the back of the side, pitch below.

Similar view, but straight ahead, over to the other side.

Directly over the halfway line, at the start of the second half.

Turning left again, home end.

Same end, more from the centre of the stand.

Moving onward & across, we see the other end of the main stand.

And the end of this side, nearest to the official Sparta section.

A group of vocal Teplice fans, in this side.

Another shot of the home end, camera at the front.

On the telly. There is always a live top flight game on a Monday in the Czech Republic.

Now near the front of the side, we can clearly see how the stand curves round, and there is no 'break' between the side & the end. You can sit anywhere, tickets not numbered.

Another zoomed in picture of the main VIP section opposite.

Almost at pitch level, away fans, numerous in the 'home' areas!

Attendance flashes up.

The Teplice Ultras set off their flares.

Final score.

And now for a few action shots from the match.

The half time junior exhibition match players do their lap of honour.

Teplice mascot follows.

Final whistle, the Sparta team salute their fans.

Who respond in kind.

The 'dead' section between the away fans & the home areas.

A Sparta banner, just in time before it's taken down!

A home fan poses with his 2005 60th anniversary shirt, I bought one of them on my last visit!

And one of the drummers agrees to a snap too! Time to dash back to the station for my train to Prague.

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