Sunday 4 December 2011

TJ Slavoj Cercany; Czech Republic

TJ Slavoj Cercany are a small club from the Czech Republic, I have no idea who they are, but have been told by this website that they compete in the "4.třída skupina A - Benešov" & that it is on the tenth rung of the Czech pyramid. Iwasn't actually planning to look at their ground, I was on a train heading toward Benesov, when I noticed the stadium out of the window to my left, as the train was slowing down I jumped off, realisng it was close to the station. Such is fate, and now they are in my photolist of Czech grounds!

Walking along the approach to the ground I turn round to show how close the railway line is.

Ahead of us is the ground.

A plank of wood takes me over a ditch, or maybe small stream, to gain access.

There is a small size training pitch, with the main ground past that.

To the right of the nearer training goal is an old pitch roller, with the club buildings in the ground behind.

Now we are in the ground itself, at the corner of the pitch. We are looking down the side.

Behind us is this building, note the green graffiti on the left of it...

Not sentiments I agree with! ;-)

This is the corner of the ground, as we came, from the training area. Opposite we can see some cover. We are going to head that way, clockwise.

So leftwards, just railed off behind the goal, with high netting behind it.

Moving along, small bit of clover clearly visible along the far side.

Looking to the right you can see the assortment of sheds that form the chaging rooms, storage, bar etc.

The rail bends out behind the goalnet.

And then continues to the next corner.

Glancing back across the penalty area.

Our first proper view of the covered side.

Now at the corner itself, we can see over the pitch, and spot the dugouts for the first time.

Down the side it's still just railed off, no hard standing underfoot, with the covered area to come.

From the side we see back to the end where we started.

And across the pitch.

Here we are at the covered part.

The area behind it is just open fields!

An attempt at terracing is under the shelter.

And an old wooden bench.

Directly over the halfway line, dugouts opposite.

Club name spray painted on the corrigated iron at the rear.

Directly facing the cover, from on the pitch.

And onwards, along the rail to the next corner.

Another angle of the shed, now we are past it.

The next corner, not much space from overhanging trees.

Back along the touchline, from this corner.

A bit tighter behind the goal.

Heading toward the net.

Over to the dugouts, through the raised netting.

Ditto, toward the covered area.

Now heading to our final corner.

Still railed, with just grass underfoot, down that side.

Last 'corner flag' angled shot.

The home' stretch.

A few benches to sit on, before the dugouts.

The back of the dugouts.

First the home one.

Then the halfway line, from this side.

And then the away one.

The street is behind this fence, perhaps that gate is a matchday entrance? And have you clocked that roller?

No point in trying to nick it, they've painted the club name on it!

That was obviously 'baby' roller, because here is the daddy of all rollers, as we go beyond the dugouts! And a few more benches.

Now we're at the club buildings, with one or two more benches, for spectators, by the pitch.

And picnic style pub tables in front of the beer area, presumably.

Sausage cooking section?

Behind that are these gates, which are, I would guess, is the matchday way in. And that concludes our brief visit on a non-matchday. Sadly I very much doubt I would ever return for a game, but it looks the sort of place where I think I would very much enjoy watching one.

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