Sunday, 14 October 2012

For those of you....

Who have been looking on here, in vain, for updates, since the beginning of August...

I am sorry, but I have simply not had the time to dedicate to this site in the last few months. It really is a matter of priorities, & I have one or two more pressing matters at the moment.

I don't like 'neglecting' this photoblog, & hope to get back to giving it the time it deserves in the near future...I am just struggling to do so at the moment.

But I am not bored of it, or anything like that, & I hope to have normal service resumed sometime.

Meanwhileyou can click back & enjoy many of my previosu postings from England & beyond...

thank you for your understanding!

1 comment:

sage said...


I'm very interested in your football grounds website as I'm currently looking for a football ground that looks like it could be from the 1970's. So it could be a very old ground from way back which still has at least one stand that could feature as a location for a photo shoot I am planning in the next few weeks.

If you could help me out with a few suggestions I would really appreciate it.

At the moment I have Bexhill United as a possible.

many thanks,

L Sage