Thursday 19 June 2008

Guy Moquet Stadium, Drancy (rugby), Drancy, France.

There is a Metro station in Paris named after Guy Moquet,
so I had heard the name before.

I am not sure what the local connection with Drancy is, but this
ground bears his name. Home of the Drancy rugby club.
Unfortunately I can't find a website for them

Basically a modern, one sided ground, to all intents and purposes.
Though you can stand around the touchline. It's only the main stand
that is of interest to 'ground affectionados'. I don't know how new it is,
but it looks very recent.

I'm not sure what the building is on the far side. It was pouring
with rain, so I didn't venture over to have a nose! It looked like
some sort of sportshall from a distance.

Basic seats, but the design of the roof makes this a pleasant
structure. Underneath are, what appear to be the bar area,
and changing rooms.

Here's a view from near the back of the stand.

Behind the stand, past the view I just showed you, is an
all-weather football pitch. this is where the JA Drancy
Junior game must be played, even though this is clearly
a main rugby venue.

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