Sunday, 17 August 2008

Horsham YMCA/Horsham FC

Since posting the orginal set of snaps on here Horsham YMCA have been promoted again, back to the Isthmian League. Also, their former neighbours next door, Horsham FC, are now groundsharing here.

At the start of the 2009/10 season I saw Dulwich Hamlet play here in a league match, and there is now a small stand, and covered terrace been added along the side. The photos of which are here:

Here is my first glimse of the new structures, having come through the gate.

Getting closer...

Almost there...

Here we are, better blurred than not at all!

And further up the new seating.

To view the rest of the ground please continue, the following being my original post:

Horsham YMCA can only be described by me as a lovely little county league ground, with a friendly welcome. Now back in the Sussex County after two years in the Isthmian. they have always lived in the shadow of their neighbours Horsham FC, but have been happy to do so.
They value their independence & living within their means.

I've been here a few times over the years, the first few visits were for Dulwich Hamlet Youth Team games in the Southern Youth League.

The snaps you see here are a mix of two sets. One from December 2007, for our Isthmian League match. And this pre-season, for a warm up clash, after they had been relegated.

The ground is set down the end of a residential side street.

Here we approach the entrance to the ground at the end of it. You can see the main stand in the background.

The turnstiles are contained in a 'super-sized' garden shed.

Cheaper admission for the friendly. I don't know whether they've dropped their prices because they're county league level again, or just a bargain at it's only pre-season.

The first thing you see on getting inside is the friendly raffle seller.

From the corner of the ground we arrive at, we can look across to the stand.

From here we go clockwise again, behind the goal, no terracing, just the car park, and netting behind the goal!

Moving along we glance over the far side, where there's a small covered terrace area.

Another look down the main side, not the best of pictures, as it's into the sun.

Turning the corner it's more car parking, with the bar to the left, and the stand past it. Note the van selling refreshments, rather than an actual permanent tea bar. And a proper walkway along this side.

The entrance to the clubhouse.

Despite their small crowds the burger fan does business.

Looking across the pitch not the floodlights from the neighbouring ground of Horsham FC in the background.

Our first glimpse of the main stand, named after the Sussex-base footballing philanthropist Victor Gladwish, who substantially funded it.

With seats at the front reserved for fans with disabilities.

A glance across the pitch, from behind the away dugout.

Another look across the stand, without spectators.

A token of appreciation to Mr. Gladwish.

Looking into the stand from the pitch.

And one last view, from the far side.

Before moving round the rest of the ground, we can glance back, and see the smaller building that houses the changing rooms.

And so we turn to go along the open standing behind the far goal.

Note the chain link fences to the gardens behind. This clearly would have broken Isthmian ground gradings over the last two campaigns, whose rules state that grounds must be fully enclosed. not that I'm bothered, but it must be annoying to clubs who've been forced to do 'unneccessary' work due to gradings.

Across the pitch, from the far corner flag.

Tucked way back, behind this corner, is this old concrete roller. I wonder when this was last used in maintaining the pitch/ Many years ago I'd guess...

On the 'home straight' now, as we look down the far side.

A nice covered terrace here, sorry the snap's a bit blurred, I must have 'snatched' the camera too quickly.

From here we look across the pitch. A stange view from the only terreaced area. I wonder why it wasn't built in the centre, or was the pitch moved after it was built?

An altogether better view of it, from the other side.

Just past it is the toilet block.

A good shot, with both in view.

A final look down this side

Before we turn left at the end of the wooden fence, and home!

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