Saturday 6 September 2008

Coney Hall

Coney Hall is another club further down the pyramid that I visited before I really got into 'blogging mode' so these don't really fit in entirely with others I have taken. Ideally I would have like to have snapped a few more. These were taken at the end of the 2006/07 season, when Coney Hall were in the Combined Counties League Division One. The following season they switched across to the Kent County League, where they still play.

The back of the club house. That is a training light behind, they do not possess full matchday floodlights.

It was an 11.00am Bank Holiday kick off, the bar was closed, but the building open.

I wouldn't have thought many teams at this level sell scarves.

Strange posters on the about getting into bed with the devil...

And I don't think I've ever seen a 'nonce alert' at a non-league club before!

This was a poster from a previous game, there was also a programme on sale today, two quid, from the teabar outside.

The ground is a basic railed off pitch. You can see a small stand in the middle, with another one set behind it, where the pitch was, presumably, moved from a few years before. Sadly I didn't take any close ups of these, which is what I meant about not being in 'blogging mode'.

This is the training/second pitch. the bar & changing rooms are behind.

Looking across from the other side. The ground is simply railed off, no terracing at all.

A few local 'hoppers.

Happy to puruse my '442', to see if they got in the big "Easter 'Hop" feature!

Another shot looking across.

As you can see there is nothing behind the goal.

Player injured. The referee is a Mr. Keith Slaughter...a fellow Dulwich Hamlet supporter! Small world eh?



Wonderful blog.Whats happened to Team TALK. By the way if you ever pick up 6/67 QPR progs let me now

Rabbler said...

Team Talk? Just don't think it ended up financially viable for the publishers.
As for old QPR programmes...I'm not a programme dealer! ;-)

Anonymous said...

That Mr Hillburn pops up everywhere!

Rabbler said...

Ha1 he does indeed! Decent bloke, if I may say do.

RussWWFC said...

Once again Mishi's blog pops up when I am researching something out of interest, only time I saw Coney Hall play was when they used Sutton as their home ground and lost 5-0 to AFC Wimbledon

Steve said...

Sad to see Coney Hall fold last year.
Went there a number of times and saw some great football and liked the clubhouse. It was a shame that so few of the local community came along to watch them