Thursday 29 January 2009

Brentwood Town

I visited Brentwood Town , from the Ryman League Division One North, for an FA Trophy tie against the Hamlet in 2007/08. Unfortunately we lost, but apart from that it was a 'perfect cup draw': away to a team whose ground I have never been to before, on my Saturday off work! ;-)

When you arrive at the ground you see a faded old 'Brentwood FC' sign, they added the Town suffix in 2004.

Here are the main turnstiles.

I'm going to try to take you round this ground in an anit-clockwise direction, but it's not a perfect tour, as I wasn't really in 'full blogging photo mode' as I hadn't got a computer yet!
Here we move down the side & look back at the cover behind the goal. The turnstiles we came in the ground are out of shot, to the left, as we look.

I like the tea bar which they had customised, but wouldn't have looked out of place at a fair ground!

Hard standing down the side, towards the main stand, with overflowing rubbish. Well it is Essex... ;-)

Here we look across the pitch as the Hamlet have their pre-match huddle. Call me old fashioned, but I can't stand this! I'm not sure if the new 'line up & shake hands' instruction is better or not!

Here we've walked past the mian stand, and are looking back at it. The clubhouse is built in behind it.

Inside the ground, almost tucked away, the club tractor.

On our way behind the goal, training goals on the side too.

Outside the ground, behind the far goal, it's just too far to go back to the bar to use the toilets for one Hamlet fan!

Back on the other side of the fence we're on our way behind the goal.

And here we look back, at some of the visiting fans.

From behind the goal we look over to the main stand side.

And through the net we glimpse the open far side, where the dug outs are. Unfortunately I don't have a proper photograph of this part of the ground, as I wasn't in full 'photoblogging mode' back then. Sorry!

Now we're at the other end, and under the covered terrace, looking over towards the tea bar area.

The covered terrace itself is only a few shallow steps, but more than adequate for the crowds & level, you can sit down & no-one blocks your view!

Here is a good shot of the shelter, our last view of the Brentwood Centre ground.

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Anonymous said...

Since you visited The Arena the home of Brentwood Town FC alot of work has been done to the ground. It has been given a good tidy up and a new wall around the pitch put in place,
@A12Standsider - Brentwood Town FC fan