Friday 30 January 2009


I took these photos of Molesey on Boxing Day 2007, again not the best set of snaps, but hopefully you'll get the flovour of the ground. This was for a Ryman League Division South match versus the Hamlet, but they are now in the Combined Counties League Premier Division.

I first visited here in 1979, for an Isthmian League Cup tie, when I was still at school, and got in free! Back then I proudly kept a scrapbook of Hamlet match reports, along with my programmes & own notes, & I sat in the stand with it the week before. He started talking to me (I was 13, & nowadays would've rung Childline!) & he read my folder. Turned out he was the Molesey chairman on a scouting mission before the cup tie, & he wrote me a note to give to the gateman to get me into the game free! Thankfully my 'dossier' wasn't as good as those of Don Revie, and we still one, despite his 'inside information'!

Here are their turnstiles. now I know that it's their initials, but I'm sorry, to me 'MFC' will always be for Millwall! It's a Sarf Lunnon thing ;-)

Once inside you see the club shed & table.

Unfortunately I messed up this photo of the main stand, very fuzzy, but at least you get an idea of what it's like. Whoops! hopefully I've improved since I took this!

Walking round in a clockwise direction, we go past the 'tunnel', that's the Hamlet, in our away kit of all red.

Here we look up to the elevated balcony of the main stand.

On the halfway line, we can see the cover on the far side.

Here are the dugouts.

That's better! A not so blurred snap of the main stand.

Now we're looking towards behind the far goal, where there's a small, but decent, bit of cover.

As we move round there you can see a good stretch of terrace and the cover.

And from behind the goal we get a shot of the main stand, I personally think it looks a lot better from a distance.

I didn't walk round the far side for some reason, and retraced my steps to go up the other end for the second half. As you can see here this end is open, with just one step of terrace.

Another look at the main stand, this time through the net.

Moving along we look at the open end from the other corner.

And here is the far side, where you can see the cover in the middle, and a couple of steps of terrace.

Another one of my 'corner flag' shots!

And finally at closer look of the cover down the side, through a floodlight pylon!

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