Saturday 2 May 2009

Viktoria Berlin; Berlin, Germany

This is the Friedrich Ebert Stadion, home of Viktoria Berlin, where I wathc a game in September 2007 against Lichtenberg 47. A nice enough ground, unfortunately with one of my 'footballing bugbears'... the running track!
There was no programme, but I picked up as club quarterly magazine in the clubhouse area.
There were also posters for a match the previous day at the same ground, for a club called S.D. Croatia e.V.

This is the entrance, from the main road. You could just walk in here, there was a table set up by the actual gate to the ground, further inside.

No programme, sadly this poster was securely locked, otherwise I'd have 'arf inched it! ;-)

The pitch itself was further along this drive, on the right.

Just inside the roadside entrance was this bar area & the changing rooms.

Coming into the ground it looks a typical basic running track ground, with grass banking on the far side.

But down the side we're on is a decent stretch of open terrace, with a small stand in the middle. Much as I have an aversion to running tracks, this side is decent, I begrudgingly admit to myself! ;-)

From this side we look across the pitch.

Moving further along, glancing across the pitch again, with some of the crowd in front of us.

A good shot of the stand, with the club crest at the back.

Moving round, there's more open terracing, and we catch a bit of one of the dugouts, in the corner of this shot.

From this corner of the ground you can see exactly why I don't like running tracks! Put me on top of the action anyday!

Behind the goal, up on the grass banking, the game seems distant.

Set back ,atop the banking, is this memorial of some sort. Sadly no plaque on it, of any description.

We've now moved all the way down the far side, this is the best shot I could get, with the sun shaded a little, I liked the benches running along the top.

Here we look back across to the main side.

A bit further along, similar view, from the corner.

And back to where we started.

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