Tuesday 24 November 2009

CB Hounslow United

I visited CB Hounslow United, of the Combined Counties League Division One, on a Wednesday evening, in the latter part of last season. It was a 1-0 victory against Worcester Park, with an attendance of 45, which included a few groundhoppers. Admission was free, & there was a basic 50p programme available from inside the clubhouse. They play at Osterley Sports Club, which consisted of their basic enclosed ground, with open pitches behind.

This is the entrance from the main road.

To the right, as you enter, is the local cricket club.

In the car park was this refreshment area, but it was empty and unused this evening.

I enter the ground from this corner, which is where the car park is. As you can see it is very open, as you would expect at this level.

There is hard standing down the side, we are going to head this way, clockwise. Note the green structure behind the concrete path on the left..

As we start we look across the pitch, you can just see part of a wooden structure behind the goal, which we will come to later.

To the left is this 'turnstile' that wasn't in use. It looks as though it was built as some sort of 'O' Level woodwork project!

And then this somewhat strange bit of cover, as it is the one we saw set back from the pitch three photos ago.

Moving on we come to the dugouts, where it is railed off where I am standing, so you're not supposed to walk round this way. Note the 'professional' use of my thumb in the nap. Doh!

From here we look across the pitch, where you can make out some cover, that almost blends into the perimeter fence.

From here we look at the cover behind the goal, which we saw a corner of a few moments ago.

We've ignored the cordoned off dugouts and gone past them. On the other side it is still railed off, but no hard standing, just grass.

With more of the same behind the goal.

A bit of action for you.

Play to the stereotype...put the fat bloke in goal! ;-)


Here we look back at the dugouts, with spectators either side.

Down the far side the rail around the pitch continues, but more hard standing again.

Further along we come to this small shelter in the middle.

Over the fence is this railed off pitch. I'm not 100% sure who, but I understand some lower division Middlesex League sides use this for their games. Past the pitch you can see the board, whatever it's called, for the local archery club.

Heading towards the other end we look back down this side, past the cover. Training lights for over the fence in shot.

From the side we look behind the goal, with the clubhouse & changing room facilty behind. It's an ugly building, but appears to be in the process of being renovated.

Now right at the corner we look down the touchline for the last time.

Now heading along the path behind the goal.

Glacing back to hwere we've come from, looking at it from the other side of the pitch.

This is the small stand behind the goal, clearly a step up in quality from the turnstile project. Maybe this was for their 'A' Levels? ;-)

This is the view down the pitch from the back row of it.

And slightly to hte left.

Another 'thumb snap', this time looking over to the dugout side, where we started our tour round the ground.

This is the clubhouse area, that rather ramshackle balcony area-in keeping with the rest of the ground!-had a group of, presumably, reserve players on it. They spent the second half drinking & winding up and abusing both the referee and opposition. Not quite what I expected at this level!

Lastly, hard standing back to the corner where we came in, as the players troop off the pitch at the final whistle, and it's time to head home.


bev cork said...

thanks for the read about osterley sports ground, very light hearted and witty ...........and true.........i havnt been there for about 7 years and i didnt think it possible it could go down hill,as it was at the bottom of one then ........but it has taken the depths of hole to a new level..lovely pictures u made that grass look almost edible....and frank james in his suit ...was there a wedding on ?? the reserve team and their banter.......well worth mentioning as it sums the whole ethos of the grounds, teams and management ......not what people expect as u said but certainly what theyve been getting for many years hence the local distain........u didnt mention toilets ,,, please tell me they still have them........or have they left on the grounds there used to being treated better than shitholes ..........xxx bev cork ...

Rabbler said...

You clearly have no love lost for the place then! ;-)

Anonymous said...

most of the temporary covers have now collapsed.