Friday 27 November 2009

SK Union Vrsovice

SK Union Vrsovice play in the top division of the Prague leagues, which is the fifth level of the Czech Republic pyramid.

I saw a game here on Saturday 24th October, a morning kick off. Less than a hundred people watching, in a basic railed off ground. Not the best games, one nil to the hosts. But a keen game on a bright autumn morning. Can't complain about that!

This is the entrance to the ground.

No turnstiles, just the man in the photo collecting the gate money...less than a quid!

The entrance is at the corner of the ground, here we look down the touchline in the direction we will head.

The building includes all the club facilities. Changing rooms, offices & the bar.

The overhang you can see here is the only cover in the ground.

Further along-we're dashing ahead a bit here- the game is about to kick off. The pylon you see in the background is for the Slavia Praha athletics ground, though I didn't visit it to document with my camera. I'll save that for another visit!

Moving back in front of the brick building here is a bit of early match action. Note the scoreboard up on the far pylon.

Moving on past the structure there is this outdoor refeshment area at the side of it.

The bar is inside, and here is a picture of it.

Hanging up on the wall was this t-shirt. I'm guessing they were champions that year.

Moving back outside, and onward around the ground, there are benches alongside the pitch railings.

From the halfway line we look over to the dugouts.

From here we see the steep grass bank behind the far goal.

Playing up on the banking for a lot of the game were some primary school children, who had their own home made flag.

The game was being videoed from this gantry.

As we reach the corner you can see how steep the banking is.

At the corner flag we look over the pitch.

From here we have a shot down the side we've just strolled along.

Behind the goal, at the bottom of the grass bank, is open hard standing.

This is the view down after I've climbed up to the top of the banking.

A similar shot, but to the other side of the ground.

Back at the bottom, we now head towards the far side.

Again simply railed off, with hard standing.

One of the dugouts.

Beyond them is more of the hardstanding.

The dugouts again, with both in the picture this time.

The dugouts once more, with the grass bank end in the background.

Here we are now at the scoreboard corner, a shale type area behind, for a car park, &/or training area.

Here we see behind the goal, from the scoreboard corner.

And here we are, with cornerflag, looking over the pitch.

Behind the goal, a full length view down the pitch.

Here, round in front of the club building, some of the home side come off at half time. The rather rotund chap actually scored the only goal of the game!

And how's this for a psychedelic goalkeeping shirt?

This is one of the linesmen, sorry referee's assistants, with the local Prague FA badge on it.

A bit of a goalmouth tussle back up at the banked end to end our visit.

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