Thursday 3 December 2009

CAPS Namur

CAPS Namur are a very minor non-league club, who play in the town of Namur in the Namur region of Belgium. They currently compete in the 3A Division of the Namur regional leagues, which is seventh level of the Belgian pyramid. Again it is a very basic roped off pitch.

This is what 'CAPS' stand for. Presumably some sort of sports academy type thing.

This is the area behind the goal. There was a younger age group youth game in progress. The large building behind is the local police training college.

It's also roped off down this touchline, I didn't venture down the far end to check if continued down there.

A corner flag shot, looking over to the dugouts.

From behind the goal we look down the pitch, with a lonely keeper in the picture!

Here we see the pair of dugouts.

With our last shot being down the dugout touchline.

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