Friday 12 February 2010

FK Baumit Jablonec; Czech Republic

I visited FK Baumit Jablonec on Wednesday 28th October 2009, for the second leg of a Czech Cup game agianst fourth division side Sokol Zivanice. It was an afternoon 2.30pm kick off, and (unbeknown to me) it was a free admission game. Initially I thought I had sneaked in for nothing! I don't know what the crowd was, but I would guess less than a thousand, and there was no programme. Though I did manage to my hands on a team sheet, which was handed out inside the VIP areas.

I got into the ground to the left of this slope, by the sports hall in the picture. To the left of that, out of shot, is the small athletics stadium I was walking round, & where I got in from. I did not realise I was actually in the football ground at first!

Outside the ground, before I'd got to the athletic venue, this sign pointed the way to the ground.

This was the road I walked up to get to the ground, which is up on a hill, but only about ten minutes or so from the train station.

When I got to the ground I saw the visitors' coach parked just inside, which is when I noticed another ground, which was the athletics one, in the background.

These are the main turnstiles, but they were not open yet when I got there.

These are the normal prices. About three quid!

The stadium map, with the list of 'naughty things'.

A board advertising the fixture.

I headed down a footpath, then along a road, to get round to the other side. Here is the back of another stand.

Parked outside, further along, was a local fire engine, specifically there for the match.

Still outside the ground we see the back of a new stand, the slopes behind are the remains of old terracing. Beyond we see the sportshall, which is part of the athletics set up.

From a raised vantage point we look into the stadium.

We are still outside when we get to see this view of some of the stands.

This snap is taken from the same end, but other corner.

From the same spot we have an excellent shot of the old terracing behind the modern stand.

Under the main stand, as well as the main club offices, are toilets, & refreshment areas like this.

I sat in the main stand, this is roughly the spot i watched the first half from. We look down the stand, toward the open end, where there are no spectator facilities, making this a three sided ground.

A similar shot, but slightly further along, to capture more of the seating.

Down at the 'void' end, we see the curve, which I guess was once part of a running track going all the way round.

The stand opposite in view, as the teams line up prior to kick off.

Nearer the halfway line we look over the pitch.

In one corner of the stand are the Jablonec Ultras.

The stand behind the goal is clearly visible, as they throw toilet roll onto the pitch prior to the start.

Here we get a good side view of that stand.

Back in the centre of the main stand we look up to the press seats area.

These are the fancy VIP seats, in the middle of the stand. This is from where I found one of the team sheets, left on a seat at half time.

From the bottom corner of this stand we look over to the other two structures.

From the same spot we look along the main stand, from the front.

Moving back along, we have a picture of the stands opposite, with the game in progress.

Now we're in the stand behind the goal, looking back to the Ultras corner.

A 'reverse shot' looking behind the goal from the Ultras corner!

Down below, from the gap between the two stands, I get a 'corner flag' shot.

Swept up snow still not melted from the week beofre, it was quite cold!

Behind the stand behind the goal, here is a shot of the old terrace ,from the bottom.

Now we're up in the stand behind the goal again.

From up here we look down the length of the main stand.

Directly up behind the goal we look down the pitch.

Another look at the main stand, where you can clearly see the VIP section in the centre.

Moving further along we now turn our attention the stand down the other side.

down at the front, still behind the goal, we get another look at the main side.

From the same place we look up at the stand behind the goal.

This shot is taken through a locked gate, the fenced in area being the away pen, but today's visiting contingent decided to go in the stand along the side.

Now we have reached the third side, and look over the pitch, to the other stands.

Here are the main group of away fans, annoying drums with them!

Down at the other end we look along the stand, with support beams all the way down it, supporting the roof.

Another shot across the pitch, during the second half.

A clear view down this stand, from the front.

Moving back along, we are on the halfway line area, opposite the VIP section.

And that completes our tour of the Jablonec ground, finishing off to look at the scoreboard, with the final score on it.


Michael said...

I remember standing on that very bit of old terracing watching them thump Sparta Prague 4-2. The ground's improved a lot; the weather hasn't.

Rabbler said...

I know it's called 'progress'...but one of the things I like about going to the Czech Republic is the old ramshackle grounds, or parts of grounds, you can still find.