Wednesday 10 February 2010

HC Jablonec; Czech Republic

HC Vlci Jablonec play in the second division of the Czech Republic ice hockey leagues, which is the third level. I walked past this rink on the way to the football ground, where I was going to a game & the place was open. There was a junior match under way, but unfortunately I didn't have time to stay to watch.

Here is the rink from outside.

Although there is a full programme on the Wednesday I am here, it is a Bank holiday, they are unfortunately away.

From the entrance I come in this glass fronted area is down the far end.

Here is a view down the ice. It is not a large rink.

No this is not a 'mistake'! I was deliberately pointing up at the beamed roof.

This is the spectator area up behind the other goal.

Here is a shot of a narrow balcony down the side.

Back up behind the goal we over to the main spectator area down the side to our right.

On the other side is the narrow balcony we have seen, with the benches down below.

Directly behind the goal we look down the ice.

This was the score when I left, coinicdently the fooball I was going to finished 5-1.

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