Wednesday 3 March 2010

Camberley Town

Camberley Town, are in the Premier Division of the Combined Counties League, pushing to regain their Isthmian League status.

I don't recall too much about this ground, I've been here to see Dulwich Hamlet in the Surrey Senior Cup a few years ago, & also saw our short live womens' team play a Womens' FA Cup tie here, around a decade ago.

But I can't really recall too much about the place, except it had a small stand. So when I was in the area in February 2010 I took the opportunity to have a peek.

Many thanks to 'Non League Matters' messageboard regular contributor 'VP', who only told me how to gain access, but rang me with lots of info after I PM'd him on there. That's what makes being a 'Kempsterite' special!

These gates were at the rear entrance to the ground.

There is a fixture board just inside the gates.

Above this booth.

At the end of the access road, past the gates, is this turnstile entrance.

Continue past them, and round the corner, and you will come to the social club.

With a large board on the side.

Once I gained access, I went back to the turnstiles we had passed, & our tour will start from that point. Here we are just inside the ground, as if we had gone through them.

There are toilet blocks by them...and this old exercise bike!

To our right is this area of cover behind the goal, but we will leave that part of the ground until last.

In this corner is this advertising board. It has no significance, I just like old photo scens like this.

From the corner we look across the pitch, flag in shot! It's actually open on that side. The thing that might look like 'cover' is actually insdustrial units behind.

So off we go, clockwise round Krooner Park! Hard standing in front of the bar, tables outside for nicer days, with an overhang for wetter ones.

A board handily placed on the wall for team changes.

Past the bar/changing room block is the main stand, as you can see here. the gate in part of the picture is from the 'tunnel'.

I gingerly walk across the wet pitch, here we see the covered end.

The other end is completely open.

As is the opposite side, which is where these dugouts are.

And here we turn back, looking toward the stand and the bar/changing room area.

The stand, all on it's own.

This is the 'tunnel', which I mentioned, to the left of it.

Up in the seats now-keeping dry!- we look over to the covered end.

And across the pitch.

This is a shot from the back, across the stand.

In the far corner, at the back, is the press area.

In front of them is the section for visiting & home officials.

And from the bottom corner we look back up into the stand.

Just past the seating is another set of turnstiles.

One last close up of the seats, noticing the gates at the entrance to them for the first time, before we move on.

To the corner is simple hard standing.

Another angle across the pitch from the next corner flag.

I hope there's a bit more equipment for maintaining the pitch than this!

Behind the goal is open, paved standing.

From behind the goal we look at the main stand.

Directly behind the net we look down the pitch.

The paving continues to the corner.

From where we will head along this open dug out side.

Our third corner flag shot, with the stand as backdrop.

Now we're finally along the side, more open hard standing, all the way along.

From inbetween the dugouts we look over to the main stand.

Going past the dugouts we're moving onwards to the final side of the ground.

From here we see the length of cover behind the goal.

Here we are closer, from the corner flag, where else!

not the most uniform of covers, but that's what makes it special. The fact it's nothing special, but has it's individuality.

Here we are standing under it, looking over to the stand.

Depending where you stand the views aren't the best, due to the supporting pillars!

At the other end we look down the simple one step stretch of covered terrace, but more than adequate.

And so back to the corner where we started our tour of Camberley Town FC.

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