Thursday 14 October 2010

Staines Lammas

I took the opportunity to visit Staines Lammas towards the end of the 2009/10 season when I had a free Saturday afternoon, & I had read that they were leaving their ground to stage their First Team matches at Ashford Town(Middlesex) as they could not get planning permission for floodlights at their traditional home here. They currently compete in the First Division of the Combined Counties League.

It's a shame that clubs have to move to try to progress, frustrated by one or two local NIMBY objectors, despite not complaints by the majority of other nearby residents.

The ground is down this driveway, allotments to the left.

This is the sign at the top of the drive.

The club is not actually in Staines, despite the name of the club. It is based in Laleham Village.

Staines is down the road.

Once you walk down the drive to the ground the pavilion comes into view. This comprises of both the clubhouse & the changing rooms.

Three cheers for the Lottery!

This is the other side of the pavilion, looking towards the sports pitches. As you can see from the scoreboard cricket is also played here.

There is a smart clock at the top of the building.

Inside the clubhouse there is a hatch for hot food & drinks.

Photo blurred by the bright sun through the windows, some of the groundhoppers present take a pew.

The bar was busy at half time.

There was a photomontage of a local Sunday league side Stanwell FC on the wall.

Outside the pitch is a basic railed off one,as you might expect at this level. Here we are along the 'main side', as the teams show 'Respect'.

To our left it is railed off behind the goal too.

Along the side where we are there is hard standing laid down. And you can see it also railed off down the far end. we ar going to continue along this path, & head round the ground anti-clockwise.

There are dugouts either side of the halfway line.

They look rather 'well worn' from behind, but I like the fact they're in club colours.

In between the two dugouts we look toward the far goal.

Here are the dugouts from on the pitch.

Official Co-Co League number boards!

Right across the halfway line.

Beyond the dugouts the hard standing continues.

As we move on we glance back & see the pavilion.

From the corner we look across the pitch...or try to!

That's better!

Behind the goal it's just railed, no hard standing. There's that man again. Ah...he's taking photos too. I forgive him then! ;-)

Here we look behind the goal, from the corner flag.

Moving on round we look back down the main spectator side.

And on we go, toward the goal.

From behind it we look over to the popular side, where we've come along.

Can't recall what happened here, but I like the photo, so kept it in.

A bit of goalmouth action.

Now we look back over the pitch from the other side of the goal.

At the next corner now, we get a full length view at this end.

No spectators down the far side, just enough room for the linesman to try to do his job.

I find a gate in the chain link fence, & club up the slope outside the ground, to look down on it.

Another one, with a bit of goalmouth action in it.

On the halfway line, looking over to the dugouts. Linesman paying attention to his job, as I try not to distract him!

At the other end now, looking down the 'linesmans side'.

Railed off again behind the goal, making this a basic three sided ground.

Standing back a few yards, we look down the pitch.

I'm not sure why I didn't take a proper snap of it, but set back behind the goal is an old turnstile, obviously acquired from London underground. Presumably for potential ground improvements, but pointless without permission for floodlights.

Back behind the goal now, pitch maintenance equipment close to the railing.

Almost back to the side where we started our walk round the pitch.

Set back behind this corner is the tractor & other 'junk' for the groundstaff.

Obviously having a clearout, & the cue for us to clearoff!

So it's time to settle in one spot, just along here, & enjoy the rest of the match!

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