Friday 8 October 2010

Battersea Ironsides

Battersea Ironsides play way down the pyramid in the Surrey Elite Intermediate League, & I saw them last season on Easter Monday morning, when they beat Spelthorne Sports 4-2.

The ground, as you would expect, is almost as basic as you can get, just partially roped off, but it was still an entertaining enough match to watch, for my first ever dip into this league.

The ground is on Burntwood Lane, photo only taken because it was such an old fashioned street sign.

This is the entrance to the ground.

As you walk up the driveway the club buildings here are on the left. From this angle the changing rooms are on the right, and the bar area straight ahead.

The bar wasn't open for service, but I saw there was plenty of sports memorabilia in it.
There are also cricket & rugby union sections of the club.

This appeared to be the football corner.

This is the corner by the entrance.

The touchline is roped off down this side.

But not behind the goal.

A little bit of match action.

There's not even any space to stand and watch along the other side.

From this corner we look back across the pitch.

No dugouts even, just a few chairs!

Cricket square protected, so no standing here!

Many sportsgrounds at this are shared between football & cricket.

More chairs for the other side. As the myth goes...there is a dog at the gamr, but more than one man watching!

No rope behind this goal either.

Just along the 'chairs for dugouts' side.

An old 'road closed' sign now indicating that the 'cricket square is closed'!

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peter said...

Have played rugby at this club though down the road in a public park known affectionatly as 'dog shit park.'