Wednesday 8 December 2010

FC Zbrojovka Brno; Czech Republic

I saw FC Zbrojovka Brno on Sunday 24th October 2010, & certainly didn't get the game I was expecting. they were bottom of the table, & hosting Slovacko, who were mid-table. In a drizzling rain, the only actual rain I had on this wekk long trip, so can't complain really, they went two up, before the viitors keeper was sent off after about half an hour. They made it three from the penalty spot, as a result, & went on to win seven nil!

I paid 100 Czech crowns for my ticket. Lucikly it was for the main stand, which was under cover, along one side. The rest of the sradium was a large open bowl, with seats chucked on top of the old terracing. No the greatest grounds, most of the atmosphere coming from the absolutely mental loyal away fans, who were to my right.

As I was stuck in one stand I was unable to do my usual circuit of a ground, so I'm just going to show you this set of photos in the order I took them, moving behind the far goal in the last few minutes, thankfully being allowed in by the stewards at that end by pointing to my camera & acting like a 'football tourist'!

I only arrived at the ground a few minutes before kick off, I wasn't entirely sure where it was, a fair way from the main train station, & had to get a trolleybus there, a twenty minute journey. A case of 'follow the crowds'. As a result I didn't really have time for any snaps outside the ground.
This is a plan of the ground.

This was the ticket office, where I got my ticket.

And this sign was outside the main entrance. The stand on the right is the one I sat in.

In the ground I look over to the open seats on the far side, with the club name spelt out in them.

Behind the goal, to my left, is a section of terracing, not the red seats chucked on top, which is the fenced in away section.

My stand was set bck from the pitch, the venue clearly has an old, disused track around it.

Here we look over to the far corner, the old terrracing behind the pylon I would guess is a 'sterile' area.

There is more open red seats at the other end.

The teams come out onto the pitch.

Pre-match waves to the crowd.

And the game kicks off.

Away section much fuller now.

A bit of match action...

The far side looks sparsely populated.

It must be a bit demoralising playing in front of so many empty banks of seats.

But play they do.

Excellent backing from the Slovacko fans.

Despite Brno being well on top.

I have no idea what this topless in the rain choreography is all about, but it looked impressive.

Some of the home fans copied opposite my stand. Don't forget it was raining!

The away fans turn road, some covering up, some not!

The keeper goes up...


Off you go!

He's not happy...

Jog off son, I've got a game to watch...

Replacement announced.

And here he comes.

His first touch will be picking the ball out of the net.

More empty rows...

A few seats have lonely fans in them.

Another shot of the match.

At half time I take this snap down the stand I am in.

A similar angle, slightly further along.

Then we see over the pitch as a half time kids game is prepared.

I go down the steps at the end of the stand & ignore the steward, to try to get a snap in front of it, from ground level.

This one came out better than I thought it would, as I took it 'blind', just pressing the camera, as the steward was about to grab me!

Back on the steps at the end of my stand (thankfully he never threw me out!) here are one of the impressive towering floodlight pylons.

Another shot of hte away pen, this time at half time. Note the beerstand at the rear.

Outside the police are on a boring ''standby' just in case...

The half time junior game now in full swing.

The seats are clearer now, during the interval. They are unusually stacked.

Here we are just behind the dugouts.

As dusk sets in the lights come on.

More goalmouth action.

The crowd is announced on the scoreboard.

Not too long to go, I get up early, & take this snap along my stand. I'm not leaving before the final whistle, but am about to dash behind it, to get into the far end, to take some more pictures.

Here we are, the first decent look at the stand I was in.

And toward the other side, this local in a Union Jack hat got in the way, but it made an unusual photo.

Here we see down the side without his head in the way.

Up behind the goal we look down the pitch.

A home fans' banner at this end.

Looking round the curve.

This is the other curve, looking back to the stand.

And down the pitch again.

Another glance at the stand.

And back behind the goal.

Moving further back we see more of this end.

And by the pylon in the corner we look across the pitch.

A few yards over, away from the floodlight, so the stand is noe in the shot.

And there we have it...the final score!


cookie monster said...

you were 'suck' in one stand? That does make for unusual pre match entertainment!

Rabbler said...

Just a typo I'm afraid, now rectified!
If you look through all of my posts I'm sure there are many others. It takes quite a while to complete a single post from start to finish, & invariably tiredness creeps in, which causes the mistakes.