Tuesday 7 December 2010

HC Kometa Brno; Czech Republic

The final part of my sporting trio in Brno took me to top flight ice hockey at HC Kometa Brno.

I hadn't realised they have a fanatical support, & most games are sold out. Luckily, after I posted my itinary on the Non League Matters forum a fellow Kempsterite mentioned that I should try to get a ticket in advance. I emailed them, & luckily they agreed to keep me one, which they don't usually do, as long as i picked it up half an hour before the match. time was to otight for that, from the football, so I got there just after the ticket office opened at one. I joined the queue, & people in front started to get turned away, so I was extremely lucky I had been tipped off.

The game was a 7,200 sell out. This is clearly a hockey town, rather than a football one, & my ticket was for the terrace behind one of the goals. In truth it was difficult to follow the action properly, but just being part of such a crowd was entertainment in itself. A thoroughly cracking end to a superb 44th birthday for me, despite a very lowly 1-0 hockey scoreline. now for the three hour train journey back to Prague...

They play their games at the Rondo Hall. In yellow, at the front, Billa, is a supermarket chain.

This is the same view, after the game!

Sign illuminated on the roof.

This was the team on the way to the hockey. Eight minutes before kick off.

Waiting to get through the outer turnstiles.

Food stall the other side of the turnstiles.

This is where I got through.

Now inside, moments before face off. This is the endof terracing I must try to squeeze into! Many of the snaps will be 'samey', with the four sides being equally packed, but if you like hockey I hope you enjoy looking through them.

From the corner we come in we look across the rink.

Now we are at the other side of the end we just saw.

Here we look across the ice, with one of the banks of seats along the side in view.

Turning slightly, so we see the other end.

And a bit more so we see down the near side.

Another angle over the ice.

Behind one of the goals.

Mascot on ice.

Down the side again.

Back behind the goal.

Turning left.

Over the ice again.

The terrace behind 'my' goal.

Game in progress.

That was the final score.

Handshakes at the end.

It must have been very hard for the visitors, as I saw no away fans at all.

Time to skate off..

Home fans stay, waiting to salute their team.

Flags aloft.

The home team get ready to celebrate.

Celebrations starting off the ice...

And on it...

A mutual hockey love-in!

Appreciated by players & fans alike!

The entire crowd applaud...

Huge banners unfurled at the other end.

Not a protest...it's how they celebrate!

And up they get!

Applauding the fans.

Shirt being waved.

The mascot is in a good mood too!

Brno players leave the ice.

The rink finally starts to clear, we see the bank of seats opposite.

And the ones down this side, far terrace down the end.

And finally, back to my end.

This small section in the corner is for away fans, but there were none this evening.

Seats empty now.

I climb up to the back for a shot across the rink.

Finally another view over the ice pad.

With another of the terrace behind the goal.

Mustn't forget the Zamboni!

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