Friday 25 February 2011

HC Eaton Pardubice; Czech Republic

HC Eaton Pardubice play in the top flight Extraliga of Czech ice hockey, & I saw a game here on Monday 25th October 2010. They play at the CEZ Arena. The venue wasn't sold out, so there was no crush, like the night before at Brno; so I could sit down and quietly enjoy the match!

Which way is it? Follow the sign!

Here we are, outside the arena. Note the sculpture on the right.

This is the shop & ticket office.

Fixtures high on a billboard round the side.

Not hockey connected, but this caught my eye, on a post by the rink.

The arena map.

Back in the evening, for the game.

This is the sculpture outside.

Outside, pre-match, there are now an array of refreshment stalls.

Programmes were availabl. Here they are, one draped over every seat. I didn't realise this, & saw a few people reading them in the concourse, once inside. I went on a mad search for them ,eventually seeing one dumped in a bin & fished it out. With hindsight I realised why I got a few strange looks!

Lights down, the teams are coming out!

That's better. I'm quite high up, but more than happy with my seat.

To my left are the 'hardcore' fans behind the goal.

Spotlights on ice!

The fans behind the goal...note the drums in the centre.

Another look over the ice.

This is the main Czech hockey website.

It's one of the intervals now, & time to do a circuit of the concourse. One of the mascots is here.

Smile please!

Then he patiently poses for me!

One of their greats on the wall.

Luckily the plaque tells us it's Martin Cech, who sadly died in a car crash, while on their books, in 2007.

This was their hockey shop.

A home fan shows off his anti Sparta Praha scarf for me!

Another one enjoys a beer during the break.

The venue is also home to a basketball team.

There are also a series of billboards, recording the rebuilding of the arena in 2001.

They continue a fair way along.

This is the last one, which shows the finished article.

There are several food & drink hatches around the concourse.

And with it, some specific ice hockey Coca Cola advertising.

There are also several large size hockey photos.

Also this, with lots of names on the wall. I'm not sure what this was for though, unfortunately.

Obviously a great day!

Another bar area.

Either he's changed his shirt, or theres' two of them!

I now dive in toward the far end, to get some shots of the arena, from differing angles.

There are breaks during periods so that these scantilly clad girls can clear the shaved ice in the box. I assume this is done so that adverts can be shown for the live TV coverage.

Back with the drummers behind the goal.

And a bit of action on ice.

Tipsport sponsor the league.

Another look round, inside the arena, during the next interval.

Let the last period commence!

Eaton are the team sponsors.

Fight, fight, fight! ;-)

Continental 'seven' on the board.

Four official on ice. There's only two, or three, at English games.

Ready to celebrate at the end...

But a bit more hockey first...

And that's it! Game over! A massive score in Czech hockey, the highest I've seen over there.

Teams line up at the end.

The traditional post-match handshakes.

Then the victorious home side salute their fans.

Who have stayed back to return the gesture.

Then it's off to the changing rooms.

And I'm back outside, to queue for some food, before heading back to the train station & my hostel bed in Prague!

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