Saturday 26 February 2011


Shoreham play in Division One of the Sussex County League. I popped into their ground during the 2009/10 season, on my way to see The Hamlet at Worthing. I had previously seen a game here for a Friday night first team match about three or four years ago. It is a small enclosed ground in the corner of a recreation ground.

This is the entrance, where you pay to get in.

The pay booth, from inside.

The entrance is set in the corner, there is this area of cover behind the goal to our right.

The seats are along the side to our left, which is where we are heading.

Before we reach them there is the clubhouse.

Entrance through here.

Set back behind this corner is the changing room building.

We are currently at the corner, looking over to the open dugouts side.

In front of the clubhouse is open hard standing.

Past the bar now, we look back at it.

Then we reach the seated area, which is strangely set back a little.

Before we see them, it's a glance back to the covered end.

Now we are at the seats under the cover. They look quite recent, I could be completely wrong, but I wonder if they were purchased from the old Goldstone Ground, when it was demolished, as they look fairly new, & it's local, in the right colours?

The Club name is proudly emblazoned along the top.

I'm not sure how recent the seats are, but the cover they are under is clearly older, & they have been bolted on yop of the concrete. The work looks too recent to Goldstone seats actually. Note the scrawl in the concrete at the front.

1973? Was that when the cover was erected? Did this man do the work?

From here we look over to the dugouts, across the halfway line.

Looking back there are seats piled in the corner. Still to be put in, or did they just buy too big a job lot?

There are quite a few of them.

A bit of a 'junk yard' in the other corner. Note also the sign on the wall.

The thought is nice, but it looks rather neglected...

Now in front of the stand, from the other end of it. This is a strange game here, in front of it. Were the dugouts here once? What are they trying to build?

More unused seats up against a shed, past the stand.

Hard standing continues to the corner, with car park to the left, behind it.

From here we loo kbehind the next goal, which is open.

The next corner flag shot.

A glance back, before we move on.

This is the view into the ground, from the way into the car park.

Open paved hard standing behind the goal.

This is strange, they must have very big moles around here!

From behind the net we look back to the stand.

Through the net we look down the pitch.

Before we head on along the path to the corner.

Next we are heading along this side.

A concrete path to the dugouts.

A bit unusual, in that you can't get past this point, no squeezing behind the dugouts.

Here they are, from on the pitch.

Directly over the halfway line, to the stand.

Then more open hard standing, past them, to the next corner.

From the side we see over to the cover behind the goal.

Glancing back down the touchline.

And now behind the goal, where the path continues.

This is the wooden area of cover behind the net.

From under it we look to the dugouts.

And, behind the net, to our left.

A few steps along, we have a clearer shot of the stand.

Then beyond we come to the corner where we came in, & end our brief circuit of Shoreham.

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