Thursday 24 February 2011

Pardubice Athletics Stadium; Czech Republic

This is the athletic stadium, in the Czech town of Pardubice. Home to the local athletics club, but not-as far as I know-any football team. I took these snaps on 25th October 2010; & found the stadium 'trial & error'. I saw it marked on the local town map, in the centre of town, & copied down the directions! Sometimes these strolls come to nothing & you get lose, or the ground is not an actual ground, but a field. But then you can also 'come up trumps' & discover a cracking old venue like this one.

Inside the perimeter fence was a billboard for the town football team, but they do not play here.

From the road this was a closed entrance, in the corner.

This is the back of the main sand.

Through a side gate, here we are in the stadium, by the impressive main stand.

But we're going to save the stand til last, & head round the ground the other way...concrete terracing to the corner.

This continues all the way round the track.

From the top of the corner of the first bend we see the gates that we looked at from outside.

This really is a substantial terrace.

From the top we look back to the stand. You can make out the terracing down the far end too.

These steps are the ones that lead up to the terrace, from the entrance gates.

Same steps, different angle, to see the top of the stand.

Another shot of the gates, & beyond.

And the 'straight' of the terrace again.

Moving on round the curve.

The terracing is magnificent, & in relatively good condition.

Apart from the 'tunnel' in the middle, it continues all the way along the side.

Straight down the track & terrace.

From this bend we see over to the grandstand.

Behind this side terrace, is an open grassed athletics area.

This also has some substantial terracing down the side.

Back in the main stadium, we look over the field.

There are some buildings in the centre of the terrace, at the top.

The tunnel links the two area, with more terracing beyond, on the smaller side. Note the cage further along.

Behind it is some more steps of terracing.

Back again in the main stadium, there are a couple of benches at the top.

At the far end it once again curves round, in a wide bend.

Behind this curve is another sports area.

Moving on, we continue round the terrace.

Up at the top we look over the stadium.

Almost at the end of the terrace now, as we see the stand.

Here we see a full view of it.

Behind this last curve is another entrance, with some sort of bar area by it.

We are now at the bit of straight terrace along the side, before the stand.

Almost there!

Now we are up in the stand.

Old wooden backed seating in it.

This bit for the 'posh' people, according to the sign.

Moving onwards, we look over the rest of the stand.

And in the centre, across to the other side.

Toward the end of the stand, we see over to the first part of the terracing we walked round.

Before turning round & glancing back.

Time to leave, down the steps at the front.

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