Wednesday 20 April 2011

Farnham Town

Farnham Town play in the Combined Counties League Division One. I visited here on Thursday 6th May 2010, for a Premier Division match in the same league, when Badshot Lea hired the ground, to host Sandhurst Town.

Approaching the ground from the main road, the ground is down below, on the left. This is the Memorial Hall, where the cnahging rooms are. Part of this building was being used as a polling station, as it was General Election day.

A sign pointing to the ground.

The path leading down to the entrance.

From here we see over the pitch, the clubhouse is on the far side.

As we walk in there is hard standing down the right, toward the dugouts.

But we are heading the other way round, to our left. This path leads up to the stand behind the goal, which you can just see on the top right of this snap.

It is set back, above the pitch. I wonder if, in the dim & distant past, this pitch once had a wicked slope on it?

From the side, almost at the corner you can see just how high the specators are behind this goal.

Looking back down the hard standing leading up to the seated end.

A 'corner flag' shot, high up over the pitch.

There is hard standing up at this end, with the stand set back a little.

It is in the Farnham colours, though plenty of rust is coming through.

From up behind the goal we glance back down to the entrance side.

Here we look into the small stand, club initials proudly at the back.

If you sit in them it is a little difficult to see the ball cross the line.

Standing behind the goal we look over the pitch.

Here we are directly above the net.

Down on the pitch we look up to the stand.

Moving along slightly we see the club name behind the net, damaged by previous off target shots.

It would look very smart, if not broken.

Back up on the 'hill', we move out, turning to the stand, as we pass.

Beyond is more hard standing, and a grass slope, to the next corner.

Set back is a sole park bench.

Presumably a former loyal fan?

It's set back a fair way, but it must be be a lovely vantage point on a nice day.

Now at the corner, we look down the path that forms the hard standing, going down to pitch level.

Set back to the left is a car park, and the club house.

As we start to move along the side it's time for another glance up at the raised goal.

Open hard standing along this side, you can see a man coming along a path that leads to the club house as well.

Down on the flat area again.

And another glance back.

Heading toward the bar, which included a tea bar, as well as the 'traditional' alcohol.

A bit blurred, but on the wall was a Dulwich Hamlet programme, from a Surrey Senior Cup match against Farnham Town, from way before I was born!

Back outside now, by the pitch. Note the open grassed area to the left, I guess used as a training patch, but look at the strange small, long, narrow goal!

Directly over the halfway line.

The hard standing continues to the next corner.

Time for a second take, at that weird goal, club house behind it.

Down the path we've covered.

At the other end there is no area for spectators, making this a three sided goal. There is a public footpath outside, with just a chain link fence, so if you wanted to be a tightwad you could watch for free from outside!

Stepping back a pace or two we get a full length look at the 'empty' end.

We just clamber over the fence to continue our circuit.

Heading toward the goal.

The club sign is also behind this net, but in good nick.

At the last corner of our circuit now.

Back on the hard standing, leading up to the dugouts.

From here we see the stand again, up the far end, over the pitch.

At we turn back there is a gate in the corner.

The dugouts are reached at last.

This is the home one.

Here they are, from behind.

Back behind the higher end, as the teams 'meet & greet' on the pitch, just before kick off.

Game about to kick off, tour complete, time to sit back & enjoy the game!

Floodlights coming on, it will be too dark for any match shots.

So it's back where we came in to finish our trip around the Memorial Ground.

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Anonymous said...

The Len Stock Memorial is my Sister in Laws Uncle who was well known in Farnham and spent many saturday afternoons at Farnham Town. I'd just like to say it's a pleasure veiwing this site easily one of my top 10 on the internet, and something you should be very very proud off, Thank You : )