Sunday 17 April 2011

FC Nanninne; Belgium

FC Nanninne play in the second division of the regional leagues in the Namur area. I looked at their ground in June 2010, just as work had been completed in changing their pitch from a traditional one, to a modern all weather surface.

Behind the goal is this small area of cover. The club house & changing rooms is beyond it.

There is new hard standing down this side, which is now railed off all the way round. you can see the holes for the rails on the floor.

From along this side we can see the cover & buildings.

A close up of the old cover, with the new mesh fencing in front.

Club building next to it.

Under the wooden shed.

From this end we look across the new pitch.

Our last picture is the other side of the clubhouse, from the car park.

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