Saturday 30 August 2008

Thames Polytechnic

I've watched games at this complex many times, there are a number of pitches here. It is in Eltham, and is the sportsground of Greenwich University.
The only playing surface with any sort of 'facilities' is the one by the derelict concrete stand, with a railing down the side. This was the one used by Thames Polytechnic, when they competed in the Kent League, their last season in it being 1991/92.

Here you see the pavilion, which includes the changing rooms, and the bar area.

This is what I call the 'main pitch'. This is the one Thames Poly used.

In the background you can see the old stand.

This was one of the other pitches, where I saw Dulwich Hamlet

Under Eighteens play last season in a Kent Youth League match.

The rest of this set of snaps are of the roofless, grafiiti covered

remains of the stand.

And boarded up behind it.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Do you happen to know if the Thames Poly Ladies Football Team used this ground in Eltham around 1978 please?