Sunday 17 May 2009

RFC Grace-Hollogne; Grace Hollogne, Belgium

A low level club from the Liege region. If I've searched them correctly they appear to play in the second level of the Liege area leagues. A merger of two local teams, I think, the ground is very basic, simply railed off. I was here in February 2009, & was due to watch their reserves, who my friend Nicolas plays for, but it was postponed when the opposition failed to show. Grrr!!!

This is the main building, as seen from the car park. This houses both the bar & the changing rooms.

My good friend Nicolas. Top bloke!

Past the club building, as we looked toward it from the car park, is this second pitch.

To the left of this is the main pitch, which we see here from the corner, the bar being right behind us as we look.

A game was just finishing, here we look down the touchline, dugouts side.

From just behind this near end touchline we see down the side, with the dugouts clearer.

Here we look back down the line, from the other end of the pitch.

Not even railed off behind the goal, just fields behind.

The railing continues down the other side.

A few advertising boards, not in the best nick!

Across the pitch we see the dugouts. What looks like a small shelter in between is in fact in the field/paddock behind.

Looking behind us you see that this ground/town is up on a hill, looking down to a bigger town, not sure which one. Maybe the outskirts of Liege?

Now we're back behind the goal, and look down the railed off touchline.

Back to the corner where we started out.

An attempt, not a good one really, of an 'arty' snap of long shadows.

A glance across the pitch, during a hastily arranged training session across the pitch for the frustrated reserves, instead of a proper match.

A club flag proudly hangs up in the bar. This is not a Flemish region! ;-)

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