Thursday 10 March 2011

AFC Slivenec; Czech Republic

AFC Slivenec play in the second level of the Prague area leagues, which is the 6th rung of the Czech football pyramid. It is a very basic ground.

The street has a sporting name.

The pitch is alongside the minor side road. I walked in through this open gate, along the side of the pitch.

This is the game from inside.

The club buildings are over the other side, across the halfway line.

We are going to turn left, & walk round the pitch clockwise. On this side there is no rail, so I presume spectators are not supposed to stand here. We see one of the dugouts ahead of us.

Here we see it in close up.

Behind the goal it is railed off.

There is a proper entrance behind this corner, the steps leading up to the pitch.

From behind the goal we look back along the dugout side.

Here we see up the pitch, buildings to the left, you can see grass banking at the far end.

Behind the area there is also netting.

Past the goal now, we can see both dugouts, either side of the halfway line.

The rail continues to the corner.

Along the main side it is also railed off, all the way along.

Still just grass underfoot though, no hard standing.

Further along there are a few benches.

This is the club building.

Under the overhang is a step & railed at the front. A sort of covered area, to protect you from the elements, though set back a little from the pitch.

From this side we see back over the pitch.

A gap in the rail forms the 'tunnel' back to the changing rooms.

There are also a few benches under the overhang.

Moving on toward the far end & here we can see the grass bank.

With the rail continuing for this third spectator side.

Up the banking we see a new all-weather pitch behind the club building.

Turning the other way we see down the pitch.

As we do here, directly above the goal.

Moving onwards, toward the last corner.

And down the unrailed side.

One glance back to the slope.

Toward the other dugout, and time to go.

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