Tuesday 8 March 2011

Dundee; Scotland

Dundee FC play in the Iru-Bru Scottish League First Division. I visited them when I hadn't planned to! I was up in Scotland with the Dulwich Hamlet Supporters' Team last month, we were playing a St. Johnstone supporters' team, & we were due to go to their 'big boys' match against Aberdeen afterwards. But it was postponed, so I made a dash to Dundee for their game against Raith Rovers.
This set of snaps are all from one side of the ground, as I was in the main stand, & couldn't 'access all areas'!

This is the road outside, further along you can clearly see how close Dundee United is.

This was the corner where my cab dropped me off. My train arrived in Dundee at 2.59pm & was in my seat by quarter past, when the score was still nil nil. The away end is on the left, I went in the main stand, on the right. Reason being...it was the first gate I came to that was open!

Main sponsors signs prominent.

Here's another shot from outside, with both grounds in the picture.

This entrance is in middle of the back of the stand.

The badge, with year of foundation, is above the entrance. 1893..the same year of foundation as my own team, Dulwich Hamlet!

This is another outer shot, from the next corner. Inbetween the two is the club shop.

This is the entrance to the shop.

With a poster advertising their Dee-fiant Supporters' Trust merchandise.

At the next corner there are steps leading up to inside the ground.

There was this graffiti on the wall on the corner, it is not football related, a local lad killed by a car.

So that's outside covered, now for in the ground! This was where my seat was.

To my left is the away end, the Bob Shankly Stand.

The Raith fans had these banners with them.

The 'hard core' home fans were in the stand opposite,called The South Enclosure. I am guessing this is seating placed on top of old terracing.

The dugouts were in front of my stand.

Inbetween the home & away ones was the first aid bench, & the 'hut' for the fourth official.

This is the other dugout, with the bottom of the Bobby Cox Stand in the background,we will soon see a full shot of it, behind the other goal.

Back to 'our' side now, in the main grandstand. From my seat we look along it.

Now we look over the pitch, to the corner between the away end & the home enclosure. Fans weren't allowed to stand on this old part of terrace. Note the control tower in the corner. Bear in mind that Dundee are in a terrible mess & have been deducted 25 points this season the board on the front of it for the Dundee Samaritans seems rather fitting!

It's half time, & I go for as much of a 'walkabout' as I can, on the Grandstand side of the stadium. Here we look over the pitch, across the centre circle.

Here we get our first decent glimpse that this stand isn't quite an 'ordinary' one. It has a unique sort of 'L' shape curve in it.

Here we are, closer to the Bobby Cox Stand.

Down at the front we can now appreciate the 'curve' as well as finding out there is a paddock in front of the stand.

Behind the dugouts we see the away end behind.

Across the pitch is the South Enclosure, a bit dark as we are looking toward the setting sun.

Back in the corner it's the Cox Stand once more.

And another similar view of the main Grandstand, which we've just seen.

From this end of our side we get both the Enclosure & Shankly stands in the same photograph.

Looking opposite, to the right of the Enclosure as we look over to it, we see another section of old, disused terrace.

This fencing partitions it off. Note the television gallery above the seats, under the roof.

From pitch level we see the away end once more.

In front of the grandstsand is a banner for this local company!

Further along is a section of lower seating.

And another glimpse toward the Shankly Stand.

Here we are directly behind the dugouts.

Moving back along the paddock we see the Grandstand toward the other end now.

Back up in the Grandstand, down toward at the end where I was sitting. divided into two sections, you can see the enpty ones at the front, the people in these were enjoying a 'corporate' half time below.

Here we see the 'curve' from in the stand.

And from the other end of it.

Second half now, we look over the pitch.

With the away fans to our left.

Under the stand were some teabars.

We really should have macaroni pies south of the border!

Game over, our last shot of the crowd in the grandstand.

Right at the back the press are hard at work.

The stand is emptying out now.

As is the Bobby Cox Stand.

We can finally see the actual seats in the enclosure.

And the ones in the Shankly Stand.

Looks like I'm the last one to leave! ;-)

Now time to rewind & a few snaps from the match itself:

Home fans celebrate the equaliser.

And cheering the winner!

Cue wild celebrations opposite!

As some of the visitors decide it's time to leave!

The victorious players applaud the home fans & I'm ready to go, sad to leave a cracking old ground.


RussWWFC said...

Macaroni Pies look nice but I prefer Scotch Pies, which I guess is the Mince Pie on that menu.

And no Irn-Bru, shocking for a ground in Scotland

Rabbler said...

Scotch pies are nice too, I took a carier bag load of both of them on the train home, from the Co-Op outside Glasgow Central station, & lived on them for a week when I got back to London! ;-)
Not too keen on Irn-Bru, not totally sickly, but an 'aquired taste' I suppose.Did buy an Irn-Bru towel for only a quid in Dundeed though!