Wednesday 9 March 2011

USK Praha; Czech Republic

I saw a basketball game at USK Praha on the Tuesday evening of my October 20210 trip. Basketball isn't one of my favourite sports, I was merely 'dipping my toe' into it as there was no football this evening. It was a top division match in the Czech League, & only the third basketball game I've been to in my life!

This was the venue, a sports hall, photo a little dark as it was night time.

A statue of a basketball player stood outside.

The club crest was on the glass entrance doors.

The venue was 'only' three nearby streets away from the local Metro station. Looked simple enough. Unfortunately it was way down below, somewhere down here, & I got well lost on my way down there!

Once I found it & was inside the game had already started. The main bank of seating was on one side, with a few rows at the end to my right.

Looking across court, to the benches.

And along the main side, with the rows at the other end also in the background.

Another look across the court, with the game going on.

Club banner alongside the national flag.

Another one, from the European governing body.

I'm not sure what 'future stars' is, I took the snap so I could check on the internet when I got home.

Moving towards the back of the main side, we see the end to our right once more.

Now eyes to the left.

Here are the seats behind the right hand net, the court reflecting in the glass.

This is the main side, from the front.

The far side, covered in advertising, has the benches for players & officials.

Looking down the court.

Under the main bank of seating there is a club judo session in progress.

Also the refreshment area, with a fair bit of basketball memorabilia on show.

This is the part for the womens' team.

Basketballs hang down from the ceiling.

Back in the hall, this small group are away fans, from Pardubice. The night before I had been to their city to watch their town ice hockey side.

This is the away team.

A bit of the action.

Game over, the scoreboard shows the result.

Which you can see clearly here.

The reds applaud their fans, while the home team console themselves behind.

Celebrating before their journey back to Pardubice.

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